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The Complete Satoshi Review
The Complete Satoshi
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This site helps provide information on the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, his life history, his background, how he discovered and so on. It goes on by telling us about his board and what he believed. This site is basically about the great founder of bitcoin, the man who introduced to the world about Cryptocurrency, who believed that it is not the present but the future of technology. If you are a curious person that would be love to know about the founder (Satoshi Nakamoto), this is the site for you, on the site you even learn about his quotes and so on. It is like a Wikipedia on Satoshi Nakamoto.

On this site, you can also get access to files which contain bitcoin codebases written by the great founder himself which their source included. This site also provides other information such as forum posts in form of articles and links to articles and other websites.

On this site one can even access other information topic by topic such as on encryption, economics of bitcoin, double spending, micropayments, difficulty, banks and so on. This site also gives readers opportunity to submit a request in case you have something that might be useful to them.

On this site, one can also get in contact with either to contribute, donate BTC or file a complaint.

Pros & Cons
  • Well detailed and organized.
  • Easily accessible by using a mobile device.
  • One can contact them.
  • It does provide any FAQs for better understanding.