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PeerName Review
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PeerName is a decentralized domain name registry. The service hosts over 5,000 domains and accepts payment in cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. The service has been operating since 2015. Some of the decentralized DNS offered include dot bit by Namecoin, dot coin powered by Emercoin, the NXT aliases, and dot eth powered by Ethereum among more. Prices vary based on the DNS with dot bit pricing at $8.99 per year and dot eth powered by Ethereum.

The benefits of a decentralized domain name system include the domain name is stored on a distributed system as opposed to a centralized one, censorship resistance, security, privacy, and open-source software. In a centralized system, the central server and the operators of it have the ability to censor the content. It also represents a single point of failure whereas a decentralized DNS has no single point of failure as it is spread across a distributed network of computers. The open-source nature of the decentralized DNS also enables them to be audited by anyone. For example, the dot bit DNS is powered by the open-source Namecoin blockchain.

Pros & Cons
  • Makes it easy for the user to register a decentralized DNS
  • Provides the benefits of decentralized DNS
  • Accepts payments in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies
  • Priced more expensive than a user setting up a decentralized DNS themselves