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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

by Nate Urbas

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Crypto price index platforms are necessary tools for crypto practitioners who are serious about capitalizing on trends and price volatilities that define the cryptocurrency market. This is where Coin360 enters the fray, as it embodies the ideal platform to access all the information you need to keep in tune with the increasingly complex crypto terrain. In this review, we will explore the operations of Coin360, its benefits, and its downsides.

What is Coin360?

Launched in 2017, Coin360 is a price index solution designed to cater to the crypto niche. Unlike a majority of websites offering similar services, Coin360 implements several innovative features that have set it apart as one of the most impressive and widely adopted sites offering crypto market tracking features. In essence, Coin360 embodies a system that captures the most important metrics in a rather volatile and fast-paced economy. To achieve this feat, the platform incorporates two viewing options that users can switch to at will.
The first, and perhaps the more aesthetically pleasing, incorporates a heatmap view that showcases real-time price swings with the help of a responsive interface. Each cryptocurrency featured on the Coin360 site is represented with a block that showcases its price and market dominance. More impressively, the color of these blocks switches from green to red even as the prices of cryptocurrencies rise or fall. For a digital asset that had just experienced a price surge, the color switches to green while opposite price movements are indicated with the color red.
Although the site’s homepage segments cryptocurrencies according to their consensus algorithm and parent blockchain, users can, however, customize their watchlist to include only selected coins. For instance, you can decide to put the spotlight on the 10 top coins or manually handpick cryptocurrencies based on your current portfolio or interest. Furthermore, you can choose to filter Coin360's price tracking interface to narrow the number of cryptocurrencies under focus. With this functionality, you can choose to forego coins and fixate on tokens. Similarly, you can enable block sizes based on the market cap or volume of digital assets.
Apart from price tracking, Coin360 offers the necessary resources required to visualize market capitalization of all listed coins. Note that it is also possible to track historical performances of coins, as Coin360 allows users to zoom in on cryptocurrencies to access charts indicating their prices and market cap trends right from the moment they started trading. Also, you can customize the chart to capture your preferred timeframe.
Likewise, the platform offers an exchange performance-tracking feature ideal for hawk-eyed traders hoping to isolate profitable trading websites where they can execute their trades. The information garnered on each exchange listed on Coin360 includes the reported volumes and the taker/ maker fees. In line with this, Coin360 has introduced a section, named the liquidity book, where users can identify the liquidity for different transaction amounts.
Besides, the website provides the latest crypto-related news for users to link drastic price movements to trending events or developments. Users can catch all of the top news on a banner scrolling at the bottom of the website’s homepage.

What Are the Pros of Coin360?

Coin360 Is User-Friendly

As mentioned earlier, the platform is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes without foregoing the components that make navigation a lot easier. Since the price index website adopts a heatmap view, it has, therefore, become one of the top picks for YouTubers looking to create price analysis videos. It is worth mentioning that Coin360 segments its heatmap, as users can simply browse through and compare coins with the same consensus mechanisms or tokens based on similar blockchains.
Another factor that plays into Coin360’s user-friendliness has to do with the decision to provide a methodology section where the platform explains all of the calculations and price tracking formulas adopted to collate and process the data available on the site.

The Website Supports A Long List of Coins and Exchange

At the time of writing this review, the Coin360 platform features about 4,000 coins and tokens, as well as over 200 crypto exchanges, on its website. Hence, it provides users with asset-tracking tools that capture the entirety of the crypto market.

The Heatmap Is Downloadable and Customizable

Coin360 has ensured that it offers users the liberty to pick the type of assets that they want to feature on their customized heatmap. Likewise, it avails a feature that allows users to download the heatmap.

Website Owners Can Incorporate Coin360 Widgets

Another impressive feat of the platform is the availability of tools that allows website owners to incorporate and customize Coin360 widget on their various sites. With this feature, you, as a site owner, can ensure that your visitors do not lose sight of price trends while exploring your website’s resources.

It Offers Real-Time Data

Since Coin360 is a price index platform, there is every reason for it to implement a system that collates data from exchanges in real-time and provide it to users at breakneck speed. To this end, Coin360 refreshes its data and adds updates every 8 seconds, which you will agree is impressive.

Its Services Are Free and There Are No Ads

There are no hidden costs for utilizing Coin360 data tracking features. Hence, you can track market metrics for as long as you want without worrying about charges or transaction fees. Likewise, you do not have to open an account to access the platform. Remarkably, the fact that it offers free services has not spurred Coin360 to adopt advertisements as a means of earning money.

Coin360 Reports New Developments in The Crypto Space

Experienced traders know that there are times when developments and new happenings in the crypto space influence market trends and cause the price of digitals assets to either surge or slump. As such, it is advantageous to keep an eye on proceedings in the crypto space even while tracking the prices of cryptocurrencies. In light of this, Coin360 has added a news portal to its long list of features where users can access all of the latest reports on the crypto space.

What Are the Cons of Coin360?

It Depends on Reported Volumes When Ranking Exchanges

We have witnessed how fickle data from exchanges are and the extent that these entities would go to portray themselves as viable platforms. Therefore, solely relying on reported volumes and data for ranking exchanges might not sit well with users who are skeptical of market manipulations.

Pros & Cons
  • It is a very large platform and it gives a lot of vital information.
  • Coin360 Is User-Friendly
  • The Website Supports A Long List of Coins and Exchange
  • The Heatmap Is Downloadable and Customizable
  • Website Owners Can Incorporate Coin360 Widgets
  • It Offers Real-Time Data
  • Its Services Are Free and There Are No Ads
  • Coin360 Reports New Developments in The Crypto Space
  • It Depends on Reported Volumes When Ranking Exchanges