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fiatleak.com Review
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Bitcoin has emerged as the largest coin of all time for a while now and it is still powerfully holding up to that task. There has been a lot of ups and downs though but its strength cannot be compared to lots of other coins that have existed and are still existing. Bitcoin trading is global, Americans, Europeans, Asians, and even Africans actively involve themselves in the buying, selling and investing in this coin. A lot of websites are also out there dedicated to giving the most updated information and making people know about the current state of the coin. One of the most popular and highly renowned is fiatleak.com

Fiatleak.com is a website dedicated solely to bitcoin. It gives not just up to date but also vital information relating to bitcoin and it’s trading as a whole. The site receives its data from other supporting sites and platforms such as Bitstamp, BTC-E, Bit2c, Mercado, Bitcoin BR, Local Bitcoin, OKCoin, BTCTrade, Huobi China as well as other top platforms. On this site, you get to see the latest trades in Bitcoin all over the world, graphs and animations depicting different concepts are also available. The value of Bitcoin, for example, is painted green and plotted across a map. You can also see the last exchange rate for each currency. You can control what you want to see, from the over seven different world languages, to whether or not you want the animations to show or you want to hear sounds when the rate goes as high as 20 Bitcoin.

There is a world map on this site that shows different Bitcoin trading all around the world. That’s not all, latest world news regarding crypto are also being updated consistently to this platform.

Pros & Cons
  • The site is specially dedicated to Bitcoin only.
  • The site is a little complicated.