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Charlie Lee LTC Review
Charlie Lee LTC
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Charlie Lee according to what his bio description reads, is the creator of Litecoin, it also states that he is a cryptocurrency enthusiast. Furthermore, it reads that he is the Ex-director of Engineering at Coinbase and is the managing director of the Litecoin foundation.

Charlie Lee has a lot of tweets, retweets and replies. However, he has few media files uploads which are a blend of GIFs, charts, pictures and a host of others. This is a strong indication that Charlie Lee’s Twitter page would be fun to go through.

He has a large number of followers and he is following few people amongst which are enthusiasts in the cryptocurrency world just like himself.


1. He has many followers to his credit

2. He is following a very few number of Twitter accounts

3. He tweets on a regular basis

4. His media files are informative and funny as well, although they are quite few

5. His profile picture shows a robot holding a shield with the Litecoin emblem inscribed on it, and a robotic-looking sword

Pros & Cons
  • Charlie Lee’s tweets are fun to run through
  • Charlie Lee often tweets informative cryptocurrency posts which are sure to educate his followers
  • He retweets the tweets of fellow crypto brands and he also publicizes some crypto-related events
  • He also retweets the tweets of his foundation, The Litecoin foundation
  • Charlie Lee has a lot of tweets, which would make it quite tasking to trace any of his tweets which have been posted a long time ago