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Charlie Shrem Review
Charlie Shrem
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Charlie Shrem’s bio description is clearly spelled out even for a young child to understand. As stated in his bio description, he is the Bitcoin Pioneer and the founder of Bitcoin Foundation. He is also a Chief Visionary Officer of Crypto.IQ. He is also a speaker, a writer and a lover of Coffee.

His profile and his tweets are perfectly connected, as his tweets are a further expression of his person. Taking a look at his profile picture, Charlie Shrem could pass for a nerd.

Charlie Shrem has a fairly large number of followers, he however does not tweet on a daily basis, as there could be an interval or two between his last tweet and his recent tweet. A good number of the people which Charlie Shrem are following, are crypto personalities and enthusiasts.

Charlie’s series of tweets are a regular mix, as it is hard to predict the angle from where his next tweet would come from.

Charlie Shrem once complained on Twitter about someone who tried impersonating him on Instagram by asking people for money. He further stated that the person had stolen quite a lot of money.

Also, going through Charlie Shrem’s Tweets and replies, you would see that he tries as much as possible to reply different questions posed at him.


1. Charlie Shrem has quite a number of followers on Twitter to his credit.

2. Variety of tweets on a regular basis

Pros & Cons
  • Charlie Shrem is knowledgeable in some prominent fields making his tweets engaging and interesting.
  • He tries as much as possible to give feedbacks to his followers
  • He does not tweet every day. Hence, his twitter handle cannot totally be relied upon for constant updates.