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Changpeng Zhao Review
Changpeng Zhao
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This is the verified twitter page of the CEO of Binance, Chanpeng Zhao. His page is very active as he tweets on a regular basis. A further look at his tweets shows that Chanpeng Zhao leads a very simple lifestyle.

Also, Chanpeng Zhao’s twitter page is spiced up, as it does not include talks about Binance alone, sports and entertainment updates can also be found too.

Chanpeng Zhao’s page is also actively involved in retweeting tweets which are related to his company and about his company too. From Chanpeng’s tweets, you would notice that he is a fun-loving person who travels quite well and loves meeting people who are helpful to his cause.

All the twitter handles which Changpeng are following belong to either people or organizations, and they are either working with Binance or crypto-related organizations.

Those who are ardent followers of Changpeng’s posts would note that he is a great leader and a willing team-player.


1. An ever-active page with lots of followers

2. He is currently following very few Twitter handles

3. Regular tweet updates

4. Regular picture updates

5. Periodic meet-up with professionals in the world of cryptocurrrency.

6. Interactive tweets which prompts Twitter users to comment

Pros & Cons
  • Changpeng’s tweets are cheerful, and it suggests that he is an approachable and outgoing person.
  • As the CEO of Binance, his tweets act as a source for getting regular Binance updates.
  • Great graphical illustrations which helps to highlight Binance upcoming events and market statistics.