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Gavin Andresen Review
Gavin Andresen
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Gavin Andersen’s bio description is quite brief, he describes himself as a Husband, father and geek. His location which can be seen under his bio description is Amherst, MA, which explains his location as Amherst, Massachusetts, USA. Also, there is a website under his bio description which contains his name, it reads: gavinthink.blogspot.com

Gavin Andersen has few number of tweets and after going through the dates of his tweets, it is also discovered that he does not tweet regularly. His number of followers are not quite many and in turn the number of people he is following are few. Taking a look at the calibre of people which Gavin Andersen are following, you would see that a majority of them are crypto businessmen, a few of them are politicians and celebrities alike.

He barely replies tweets which are posed at him, and looking at the number of pictures uploaded on Gavin Andersen’s account, it is very few.


1. He has a few number of followers and he is following few Twitter accounts as well

2. He has a very concise bio description

Pros & Cons
  • His tweets are informative
  • His tweets are not only crypto-related, but they extend to other aspects of life too
  • Gavin Andersen does not tweet every time, so it is hard to keep in touch with the crypto world if you are using his Twitter account as an information check.
  • He also has few pictures on Twitter to his credit as he does not upload pictures regularly. This also makes it hard to remain informative with Gavin Andersen’s Twitter account