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Roger Ver Review
Roger Ver
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Roger Ver’s bio description shows that he is the first person in the world to invest in Bitcoin start-ups. The start-ups which he has invested in includes: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Z.cash, BitPay, Purse and Kraken. He is also interested in Voluntaryism. His location which is below his bio description shows he is in Tokyo.

Roger Ver has a good number of followers and he is following few people who are professionals and authorities in the crypto world. Roger Ver’s tweets virtually every day, and as expected, most of his tweets are usually cryptocurrency related. The same applies to his retweets which are also cryptocurrency related tweets.

A good look at his tweets and replies so far shows that he does not really reply tweets which are directed at him, he only does so on an occasional basis.


1. He has many followers which as expected, is on the increase

2. He follows individuals who can be referred to as cryptocurrency professionals, specialists and renowned enthusiasts as well

3. From time to time, Roger Ver posts motivational texts written on pictures, which are referred to as “memes”

4. He also posts cryptocurrency related statistics which are most times in form of charts.

5. His profile picture has a caption which when simplified shows his commitment to promote Bitcoin full-time

Pros & Cons
  • His daily updates have a great tendency to keep his followers updated about ongoing events in the crypto world
  • His statistics updates in terms of charts are very informative and detailed