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Febin John James Review
Febin John James
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Blockchain technology and it’s uniqueness. Many individuals have made it on this platform from different niches all around the world. Things can get complicated for beginners who have no idea where to look to in order to get supplies with the easiest information that can be digested easily by newbies and even enthusiasts. Following the footstep of elders in this niche really goes a long way in determining how far one will go. Elders with lots of experiences, however, have deemed it fit not to hoard from the members of the general public, enough wealth and experience they have gotten from the general public.

Lots of platforms house great minds and big inventors who are experts in the crypto world as well as many other things. Virtually all social media platforms who allow information and interaction have hundreds of brains in their confines. These one disburses information as they come, thus making it possible for anyone who wishes to make it in the niche to tag along by understanding how it works easily.

One of such persons is Febin John James. The author of Cloud is a Piece of Cake as well as Editor of We Think Ideas, Safebit, OnChainLabs, Pieces of Cake Labs and Dominion Dixon has put up a platform with Medium in order to bring every enthusiastic crypto trader back to the basics. He owns a page on Medium tagged @heyfebin, dedicated to building the mind of young ones with the knowledge of blockchain technology and making it easy for them to comprehend it.

With over 6000 followers, he has grown to drop easily to read publications on his platform regularly, making it available for everyone interested to read.

Pros & Cons
  • The basics are taught on this platform.