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Expected content:

This channel pushes out a lot of content mostly on the opinions of the host, Ivan. It includes mostly general updates and news commentated by Ivan. Of course, he tries to sell you his “professional” coaching services and I don’t like that. A lot of his videos are just regurgitated information found on other platforms.

You may find interest in some of the coin reviews and coin comparisons, but again, this is really Ivan’s personal opinions.

Why you should follow:

Most viewed video: A review on Litecoin for 2017. 198k views


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Added features:

This may be a good way to stay up to date but truthfully, there are better channels out there than this one.

There is a “how to become a better investor” video course available that, if you are completely new to crypto, you may stand to benefit from.

There were “daily recaps” of the market and how it has behaved but it looks like those have stopped recently.

Pros & Cons
  • It’s got a few alright coin reviews.
  • There is new content pushed out every so often up until last month.
  • It’s very clear this crypto channel was created to drive traffic for the owners coaching services.
  • Ivan is not a professional, this information should be used purely for entertainment purposes.