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Crypto Daily Review
Crypto Daily
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Expected content:

Random and general crypto news with a ton of humor and commentary from the host at Crypto Daily.

It’s kind of hard to explain exactly what you will find on this channel but generally speaking, Crypto Daily does a good job of what its name implies. It delivers something crypto related, just about every day for your viewing pleasure. There is no solid gold information here and nothing that will absolutely sky rocket your portfolios value, however, it’s a good way to stay up to date with the social aspects of crypto and what’s going on as of recent.

Why you should follow:

Its funny. Its crypto related. There is tons of content just about every day. Why shouldn’t you follow? I think every crypto enthusiast should have one funny unprofessional YouTube channel detailed what’s going on in the world of crypto to heighten your mood. Maybe this is a good channel to wake up and enjoy your coffee with. Hint: That’s what I use it for.

Most viewed video: Top 5 undervalued Crypto Currencies. 227k views


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Added features:

The guy really is hilarious. I have found a lot of his videos to be somewhat informative but incredibly interesting and entertaining. He can even rap so there’s that tid bit to look forward to.

Pros & Cons
  • Hes just down right funny. It’s quite pleasing to laugh a bit when considering the seriousness of how depleted my life savings are due to terrible investment practices and I think a lot of people can relate to that!
  • Obviously, this channel is not meant to make you a crypto pro. It’s entertainment with crypto on the side.