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by Nate Urbas

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Coin Mastery


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Expected content:

A plethora of general crypto related themes including market updates, coin reviews, economic theory, financial discussion, altcoins, psychology of investors, macro forces in economics, and recent news.

Some of the playlist categories include crypto interviews, general tips and tricks, market analysis, behavior analysis, segwit strategy guide, and monthly Coin Mastery TV episodes.

Why you should follow:

I think the host of Coin Mastery really does a great job of speaking wisely about crypto. I know, this sounds kind of lame, but its tough to explain. He doesn’t sound so trivial like many other Youtubers in this space. He’s professional, he’s straight forward, he’s unbiased, and he really seems to have a lot of wisdom in this space. He does not make ridiculous claims or try to persuade his audience of any particular stance. Instead, he uses the facts and economic theory to discuss what’s going on and he is capable of taking very complex issues and dumbing them down for none economy experts to understand and comprehend.

Most viewed video: How To Stop Paying Coinbase Fees. 362k+ views


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Added features:

He sells an online trading course that I have personally taken. I don’t usually buy these courses but I liked his content so much that, even if I hated the course, I felt like I was simply supporting his channel. The course was solid, and I did learn a great deal, although its probably not for you if you’re a trading expert.

There is a lot of deep emotional connected issues he likes to talk about and I think it’s very interesting how he plays psychology into crypto.

He has recommended a lot of great reading material and other sources of information that I have found to be very helpful in crypto and in life.

Pros & Cons
  • This is just a great wake up and listen kind of channel.
  • Some people are scared off by the course, and I don’t blame them. I hate being shilled courses too.