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Ameer Rosic


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Site Rank: 5

Youtuber: Ameer Rosic

A self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, marketing expert, blockchain enthusiast, and investor.

Followers to date: 170k

Expected content:

Another channel where an “entrepreneur” wants to explain all of his views on mindset to help share the wealth of knowledge. You’ll find general crypto information, crypto news, entheogens, Q&A videos, topics related to growth hacking, motivation content, business scaling tips, biohacking, healthy lifestyle tips, and more.

Why you should follow:

If you need a little boost in your life or you want to figure out how this guy has become so successful, check out this YouTube channel. He does produce a ton of content across a wide array of topics that you may find useful in self-improvement and crypto education.

Most viewed video: Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency Wallets. 1M views.


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Pros & Cons
  • Covers various topics and produces content several times a week.
  • May be good for young entrepreneurs to watch and learn from someone already in the game.
  • It would seem as though he has a lot of good work experience in digital marketing.
  • This seems to be just another one of “those” YouTubers who produce a bunch of random content on how you should live your life and then try to sell you their educational courses.
  • Although he has experience in marketing, I’m not sure he’s qualified to educate people on crypto or blockchain technology.