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Crypto Investor Review
Crypto Investor
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Expected content:

If the name “bitcoin investor” doesn’t offer you enough insight into what you’ll find here, I’ll go ahead and detail it for you.

You’ll find on this channel some random guy with an undisclosed finance background explaining market behaviors and speaking about trading and investing.

Primarily, his content revolves around market analysis, controversial topics within crypto, investing strategies, altcoins, and general crypto discussion.

Why you should follow:

I think this account provides some value for people looking to get into trading. Things are detailed in a very basic manner and the host attempts to keep bias out of his content as much as possible. Using this video as a wakeup routine to attain knowledge on the markets recent installments may be a good use for this channel.

Most viewed video: How the Bitcoin Bubble will pop. 1.4m views.


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Added features:

The channel hosts theories on the future of crypto, implementation, economic impact, etc.

Pros & Cons
  • This channel does attempt to provide good educational value and provides some insights on where bitcoin will be in the future.
  • His tone can be quite monotonous and boring.
  • As with nearly all YouTube sources of information, please make sure to study other content and do not rely solely on one channels information to make any kind of financial decisions.