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Expected content:

A very Bitcoin focused trading channel. You’ll find that just about every video is completely based on trading strategies, indicators, or market movements. The channel claims to be a source of education for trading and seems to provide a plethora of lessons ranging from risk management to specific indicator how to guides. There are also updates and discussion about how they like to trade and how they interpret the market on an almost daily basis.

Why you should follow:

This channel seems to be a really great place to start if you’re completely new to trading or looking for a specific refresher on trading related topics. There seems to be a steady stream of well curated informative content that most beginner to mid-range traders can benefit from.

Most viewed video:

How to use Ichimoku Cloud – Technical Analysis Series. 48k views.

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Added features:

Most videos contain an index for the specific time of each topic discussed. This is quite handy if you’re already inept at trading but you seem to have forgotten something or you’d like a second opinion on something very specific. You won’t need to comb through the entire video to find what you need. Very convenient!

The channel also includes a link to the Google Docs where all of his lessons are available in written form.

Pros & Cons
  • Incredibly informative
  • Great place for a new trader to begin learning
  • The only con is a warning. Always consult multiple resources before assuming something in trading is completely correct.