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Son of a Tech Review
Son of a Tech
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Expected content:

This guy is just a mining nerd and crypto enthusiast who makes videos for fun based on general topics that sometimes includes crypto. You can expect to see anything from computer hardware reviews to videogame reviews to building a crypto mining rig. It’s a very wide range of randomness but if you’re like me, you may just appreciate every single bit of it.

Why you should follow:

This is nerd galore right here. Video games, benchmark testing, crypto mining, tech reviews, etc. He’s really covered just about all of it. Oh, he’s even got superheroes and comics. Perfect!

Most viewed video: 5 Things I learned while building an Ethereum mining rig. 182k views.


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Added features:

He’s funny and very relatable to the run of the mill techno enthusiast. He pretty much covers just about everything you can think of when you think of someone that would name their channel “Son of a Tech”. Learn how to mine crypto. Learn how to play video games. Learn how to build a PC. He’s really got it all in a random jumbled mess that’s just perfect.

Pros & Cons
  • I love it. I watch this guys videos everyday simply for entertainment value and occasionally I’ll learn something new and interesting. Will it be crypto? Will it be gaming? Will it be PC based? Who knows. That’s part of the fun.
  • He’s obviously biased in most things so nothing should be taken as professional advice.