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Bits Be Trippin' Review
Bits Be Trippin'
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Expected content:

You’ll find tons of videos from several different genres, however, most of the content will focus on crypto mining and Michaels personal Vlogs. Generally, his content is tech based and usually fairly complicated. He’ll show you various different mining rigs, how to build them, share his experience in mining cryptos, and offer a lot of information regarding the mining process, hardware, and best practices.

Why you should follow:

Professional content from a fully staffed team. This channel provides you with information and education on mining cryptocurrencies from the viewpoint of a Principal Solution Architect and professional public speaker.

Most viewed video: BBT Episode 10: 6x 280x TOXIC mining rig! 442k views.


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Added features:

There are some seriously sick and intricate mining rigs that he will walk you through. For a tech nerd, this channel is absolutely perfect. Everything from single graphics card reviews to full scale mining operations, he covers it all in depth.

Pros & Cons
  • There’s tons of great quality content and information here that is mixed with a healthy dose of humor.
  • He is a professional speaker which really brings out the best in this channel. A lot of people do tech reviews and try to explain mining but none with the clarity and precision Michael provides here.
  • If you’re not a tech enthusiast this is probably no place for you.