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Blockchain at Berkeley Review
Blockchain at Berkeley
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Expected content:

Structured classroom like lectures covering topics ranging from blockchain technology to ICO projects. This YouTube channel dives deep into the actual intellectual ideologies and technologies that create blockchain technology. This is professional content curated by professors, alumni and students at Berkeley University.

A few of their playlists include Blockchain for developers, blockchain fundamentals, how to raise money the correct way for ICO projects, decentralized storage, how internet and blockchain work together, crypto security, whitepaper circles, consensus protocols, and many more.

Why you should follow:

If you’re the type of person who wants to skip the fluff and sit through a professional lecture to learn, this is the perfect channel for you. These lectures are given at the collegiate level, making them understandable for most but helpful to all. There are a wide range of topics that should get you up to speed in the world of blockchain technologies.

Most viewed video: Whitepaper Circle: IOTA Tangle – Presented by Sunny Aggarawal


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Added features:

They will post a few videos now and again featured guest speakers who are experts in their fields. They also post Berkeley exclusive content such as recorded lectures, speakers, events, etc.

Pros & Cons
  • Perfect for those who learn via lectures.
  • No fluff and no marketing. Pure information and education.
  • Can be very boring and bland if you aren’t the type that appreciates collegiate lectures.