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Bitcoin 101 - What is Bitcoin? Review
Bitcoin 101 - What is Bitcoin?
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This is a different kind of guide because it is a YouTube video that talks about Bitcoin and what it stands for. It clearly defines and introduces Bitcoin to viewers in a more simplified way without adding codes and other complex information.

The video was published on May 07, 2014 by CRI that has over 20,000 subscribers. It is one of the 36 videos made by CRI on the 101-blackboard series and talks about Bitcoin.

According to the publisher it was said to be a video which came as a result of the seminar that took place at Harvard University for Beginners of Bitcoin in 2014. Several people came back with testimonies that they understood the fundamentals of Bitcoin and were able to apply them which finally worked for them.

In this video, the success, the failures, the setbacks were mentioned and how the world will be influenced by this great invention of man. The YouTube video is a 22 minutes 33 seconds’ video which has been narrated in English for convenience. There is a link displayed below the information on the video on YouTube which directs viewers to a platform that has more information on Blockchain and Bitcoin.

Excerpts from the video; according to the words of Satoshi Nakamoto on July 05, 2010: “Sorry to be a wet blanket. But, writing a description of Bitcoin for general audiences is bloody hard. There’s nothing to relate it to”

Pros & Cons
  • Important details about Bitcoin.
  • Proven useful over the years.