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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies Course Review
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies Course
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This is a course offered in Princeton University that talks about the specialty of Bitcoin and how it has changed the world we live in financially. The main importance of this course is to understand the technical aspect of the cryptocurrency and give answers to certain Bitcoin questions.

Some of the questions frequently asked are;

1. How does Bitcoin work?

2. Why is Bitcoin different from every other cryptocurrency?

3. How to ensure topnotch security of Bitcoins?

4. What are the requirements for the use of Bitcoin anonymously?

5. Price determinants for Bitcoins?

6. How regulated are cryptocurrencies?

7. How clear is the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

During the course of the study, all these questions will be answered carefully and students will be able to make decisions and provide answers to whoever asks them i.e. separate fact from fictions.

While studying this course also, you will have a rock-solid foundation on how to use secure software in association with the Bitcoin network as well as integrating new ideas into Bitcoin projects.

Enrollment for the course in Princeton University starts on September 19, 2018.

Features of the Course.

1. Language: The course is taught only in English language. There are 11-weeks syllabus for the course on the site with different topics and videos.

2. Ratings: Based on user ratings, the course is as effective as it sounds with a 4.7-star rating.

3. Pass requirements: For you to pass the course, make sure you pass all assignments that will be marked.

Pros & Cons
  • Videos and Readings to aid knowledge.
  • Course teaches you how to separate facts from fictions.
  • Only known to be available in Princeton University.