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Blockgeeks Wallet guide Review
Blockgeeks Wallet guide
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No doubt, this is definitely a guide on how to open a crypto wallet and how you can keep it safe and secure. All tutorials in this guide is step-by-step and there are basically 3 hashtags to use when you want to search for information on this website (#Blockchain for business #Blockchain for investors and #Crypto for investors).

This guide is simple and straightforward because everything you will need has been simplified and listed out successfully. What you will learn on Blockgeeks about crypto wallet, many websites will never teach you as much as that.

Tutorials taken on the website are;

1. What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet all about?

Here, you are taught how to open a wallet and the mode of accessing your wallet either with a public or a private key. You are also taught how they work i.e. how to transfer and receive funds from friends and family via the wallet address. The 5 types of cryptocurrency wallets (Desktop, Online, Mobile, Hardware, and Paper) are also explained here.

2. Security of wallet, Transaction fees and Reviews on the best crypto wallet.

In this category, you are taught how to ensure your wallet is safe, secure and free from hacking. There are different types of transaction fees that all depend on traditional banks or some factors, the reasons for this is explained here. Lastly, you have a review on which is the best wallet out of the 5 in case there are arguments or debates – the best however is chosen based on its purpose.

Pros & Cons
  • Explains different kinds of wallets.
  • Explanatory and easy to comprehend.