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Blockchain Principles and Practices Review
Blockchain Principles and Practices
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This course has a full 5-star rating because of the kind of information it possesses about Blockchain. It is the latest course on Plural Sight that talks about Blockchain on the website. This course was written and presented by Stephen Haunts with more focus on the technology to which Bitcoin and Ethereum operates.

To get what the course is all about, you can play the course overview or get a free 10-day trial before actually purchasing the book from the site. It is one important Guide on Blockchain that needs proper attention.

Although, it is one of the smartest books known on Plural Sight, it is mainly suitable for Intermediates and not beginners or advanced learners. This is because some information from the course may be too complex for beginners but reasonable to be understood by Intermediates.

Also, it will interest you to know that you can further search for every other thing you want to learn about on Plural Sight using the search button.

Features of the course.

1. Free 10-day trial: With the free 10-day trial, you can get an overview of what the course talks about Blockchain. Through this, you will be motivated to get the involved with the course.

2. Table of Contents: In the table of contents for the course, you have several information but you need to gain access to some of them before being able to use them.

Pros & Cons
  • Playing of course overview is enabled.
  • Recent information on Blockchain and other terms.