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Paradice Website Review

- Paradice is a crypto-gambling website established in 2019.

- It offers a limited number of games; however, they are all provably fair.

- Welcome bonuses are not a regular occurrence; however, users do get faucets that provide them with free money daily.

- Paradice features a 6-tier VIP program that provides numerous benefits.

Cryptocurrency gambling websites are nothing new within the industry. However, they do need to provide truly unique features and a multitude of interesting games in order to stand out from one another.

Paradice is a specific cryptocurrency gambling website that aims to provide any player with access to provably fair games, unlimited withdrawals, and free daily faucets, as a means of streamlining the entire experience and making the overall gaming sessions a lot more enjoyable.

Let’s dive in and go over everything you need to know about Paradice in our website review.

Paradice Website

Paradice has an excellent user interface that showcases all of the information players need to be aware of the moment they open the website through the usage of an internet browser.

At the top of the page, you have instant access to all six of the games on offer.

Specifically, Paradice is a casino that offers six provably fair games, including:

Note that each of these games is built in-house, which means that they are not outsourced to any other video-game developers or studios.

Additionally, on the top bar, you get access to the “Sign Up” and “Sign Up” menu, where you can easily create an account.

As you scroll down the page, you get access to a sliding navigation bar that advertises some of the features of the website, such as it being Provably Fair, Potential Airdrops, welcome bonuses, Rakeback through the VIP tier system, and the events which are currently taking place.

On the left side of the screen, you can also easily gain access to the language menu. However, the website is only available in two languages, and these are English and Russian. You also have a clear chart of some of the biggest winners on the left side of the screen, while further down the page, you can review a list of all of the bets.

Within this “All Bets” page, you can view the game ID, the player’s name, the BET amount, the payout, what was rolled, if the game allows for that functionality, and the winning amount or losing amount, depending on how that specific player performed.

Then there’s the Regatta menu, which Is a specific game mode where players can make as many bets as possible of the currencies presented and where the price is divided between the most active players, in accordance with their place in the standings. Before they can withdraw the won funds, they need to make a series of bets for total winnings with a chance of no more than 49%. 

At the bottom of the page, you can also access subpages, including Provably Fair, F.A.Q., Agreement, and Support, and you can also find links to their Telegram channel, Facebook page, and Twitter page.

Additionally, there is the Online Support menu always present in front of the page. Here, you can directly chat with the support team and gain assistance at the moment you require it.

The website also features a dedicated support menu, where you can send a ticket by entering the subject, your email through which you would like to receive an answer, the ticket text where you explain the issue you have run into, or the question you have, as well as a file, assuming you want to or need to upload a file. The supported file types for this ticket include zip, gif, jpg, doc, and xls, with a maximum file size of 6 MB. Additionally, you can also send an email directly to [email protected].

History of Paradice

Paradice is an online casino that was originally established in 2019. It was developed as a means of introducing players to provably fair games and utilizes the Provably Fair Algorithm. What this essentially means is that it guarantees bet transparency and allows checking the calculations on each bet.

Paradice Functionality

Within Paradice, a provably fair algorithm is utilized as a means of verifying the fairness of all of the included games on offer. The algorithm essentially creates a unique, encrypted key, with the outcome of a game which is sent to each player. This, alongside a secondary key, allows players to verify the fairness of a specific outcome within a game on their own and, as such, enables a much higher level of transparency.

Within the case of Paradice specifically, to get a random number each time, the system combines a player’s Server Seed, a Client Seed, and a Nonce which is the rate number.

  • The HMAC-SHA-512 message is calculated, where the Server Seed is the secret, the result is a 128-character hexadecimal string.

  • The first five characters of this line are then converted to decimal in a number within the range of 0 to 1,048,575 (16 ^ 5 - 1).

  • If the resulting number is more than 1 million, the calculation uses the following five characters, etc. (the process can be repeated up to 25 times).

  • In Dice, the resulting number is divided by 10,000 your throw. The received quotient is used as the result of a player's dice roll.

  • In Roulette, the resulting number is divided by 37. The resulting remainder of the division is used as the dropped-out number.

Deposits and Withdrawals

In order to start playing, players first need to make a deposit within Paradice.

To do so, they will need to have some of the supported cryptocurrencies, which at the time of writing include:

All of the deposits made in the casino are processed automatically and added to the balance once the transaction gets mined on the network. However, there are minimum deposits required for each cryptocurrency.

In order for a user to be able to make a deposit, they will need to send their desired amount to their unique deposit wallet address, which is showcased on the deposit page.

Once all of this is completed, in order for a player to actually start playing, they can select any of the available games. In the game interface, each player will be able to set their desired bet amount and win change and can see specific information on each of the games by clicking on the information icon within the game's interface.

Then there are the withdrawals. If a player wants to request a withdrawal, they need to visit the withdrawal page, input the destination wallet address and amount, and check the fee before confirming with the “withdrawal’ button. Note that the withdrawal time is highly dependent on the blockchain load at the time of the request and is processed automatically after a few confirmations. These do, however, not take more than 48 hours to complete, and there are no limits as to how much a player can withdraw.

Rain, Faucet, and Regatta

The Rain is a bonus gift in cryptocurrency which gets delivered to 10 to 15 players at random every 15 minutes. A player is given the opportunity to increase their chances of getting the bonus if they actively chat and place bets. Note that an account has to be verified in order to be eligible for this bonus.

The faucet is essentially this regular bonus that a player can receive multiple times a day. The amount received from each faucet is dependent on the VIP tier of the player. The basic amount of Faucet bonus is 10 per 24 hours.

The Regatta is essentially this wagering contest, where players can compete on the highest number of wagered bets for a set amount of time. The highest bidders can receive a reward from the regatta price pool (0.002 BTC). Interestingly, bets in all currencies are counted as progress towards the increase of a player’s Wagered amount.

The VIP Program Explained

As a means of attracting players within their casino, many offerings out there will have some sort of incentive program to keep players engaged while they are playing a variety of different games on offer. The Paradice casino here specifically has a VIP tier system that lets players progress towards gaining benefits the more they play.

In other words, the higher the total wagered amount is, the higher the tier becomes, and the better the rewards actually get.

These tiers are categorized as follows:

  • Beginner – this tier gives faucets up to 12 times a day, with a bet speed limit set to 10 bets per second.

  • Bronze – this is the second tier and bumps the faucets up to 17 times a day, the bets per second up to 20, and adds an additional bonus to the faucet amount of 5%.

  • Silver – this is the first tier that introduces Rakeback, which is at 5% and increases to 22 faucets per day. The bet speed limit is set to 50 per second, and it also enables a rain amount bonus of +5% with a faucet bonus amount increase to +18%.

  • Gold – this Is a tier that pushes Rakeback to 10%, sets the faucet to 27 times per day, puts the bet limit at 100 bets per second, rain amount to 18%, faucet bonus to +60%, and introduces a withdrawal commission of -18%.

  • Platinum – this tier introduces Rakeback of up to 15%, faucets to 32 times, bet speed limit to 200, rain amount to +70%, faucet bonus to +110%, and a withdrawal commission of -28%.

  • Diamond – this is the best and final tier, and introduces Rakeback of 20%, faucet up to 80 times, 400 bets per second, +200% rain amount, faucet bonuses of +200%, and a withdrawal commission of -90%.

Pros and Cons of Paradice

Pros of Paradice

  • Paradice features provably fair games

  • Paradice offers unlimited withdrawals

  • There is a short list of restricted countries

  • There are free daily faucets

Cons of Paradice

  • It is currently unlicensed

  • There is a limited number of games available

  • Only available in two languages

The Bottom Line

The Paradice casino offers a limited selection of games. However, they are all developed in-house and offer provably fair odds of winning. This, alongside the various VIP tiers and overall gameplay loop of the games themselves, introduces a solid casino that a lot of crypto-preferring players can use.

The website design is a bit simple and has UI elements that do not scale well on different resolutions; however, its simplicity is what ultimately makes it easy to use. While this is not the “perfect” crypto casino, it does have something to keep the players engaged and entertained.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum deposit requirements?

Each cryptocurrency token has its own deposit requirements, and these are:

  • 00001000 BTC

  • 00010000 ETH

  • 00100000 LTC

  • 00000000 DOGE

  • 00010000 DASH

What are the minimum withdrawal requirements?

Each cryptocurrency token has its own withdrawal requirements, and these are:

  • 00200000 BTC

  • 04000000 ETH

  • 20000000 LTC

  • 00000000 DOGE

  • 10000000 DASH

What is the Paradice casino’s house edge?

The house edge is essentially the advantage the casino has. This is a certain amount that is deducted from the casino balance on each bet, despite the results of the bet. The house edge within the Paradice casino is 1%.

How many VIP tiers are there?

There are a total of six VIP tiers, including Beginner, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

What countries is Paradice restricted in?

Paradice is restricted in the following countries: United Kingdom, United States, and its territories, Australia, Czech Republic, and Curacao.

Pros & Cons
  • Paradice features provably fair games
  • Paradice offers unlimited withdrawals
  • There is a short list of restricted countries
  • There are free daily faucets
  • There is a limited number of games available