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Age of Gods: How to invest in the P3E NFT game

Age of Gods(AOG) is a futuristic online play-to-earn card game. i.e., you play the game, have fun and earn from it. The way it works is that AOG is an NFT-based card game. Therefore, it is connected to a blockchain network that allows the system to reward you with tokens you can trade on exchange platforms to make money. Players may spend their tokens leveling up their Gods, buy gear and in-game stuff, stake, and do various other things.

The modern world is changing its bias toward gaming, with more and more millionaires emerging from the gaming industry. If you're ready to catch this gravy train, you're in the right place. You'd learn everything you need to start cashing out big with Age of Gods.

AOG at a Glance: Build a team of gods, conquer your enemies, and get paid

AOG is a new and exciting NFT game project started by Juego Games Studios, one of the top game development outlets in the US and India. With almost a decade of experience and a portfolio of companies like Disney and Warner Bros, Juego Studios aims and has the right resources to make this game the best NFT-based RPG ever made. If you're familiar with RPG games like Clash of Clans, you'd understand Age of Gods from the get-go.

Your character begins the game as an Ancient god, after which you'd create a tribe/clan and use them to conquer the surrounding lands. The more victories earned determine how much you will earn playing the game.

Luckily, you can hire other tribes to fight for you if yours aren't strong as desired. If you're just starting, you want to know an enemy's strength before combat. The game has 24 different tribes divided into four levels, each occupying an undisclosed space on the board. As you go on, you earn more tokens and can level your gears and character.

The Age of Gods game devs are 5000 AOG NFTs for 25 BUSD each to generate more users. AOG is the native token of the Age of Gods. Provided you have a Binance NFT subscription; you can participate in this airdrop and earn exciting prizes.

How to start playing AgeofGods

To get started, sign-up for AOG on the website at When you arrive on the website, click Play Now on the top right corner of the navigation bar. That action would open another tab and load a sign-in page. You don't need to worry about it, as you are still on AOG's official website.

You might get a prompt that looks like this:

On this page, the website prompts you to connect your Binance Smart Chain Mainnet to continue. This is just to ensure that your account is connected to the right smart contract platform. In this case, Binance's Smart Chain platform is based on the Go Ethereum (Geth) network.

If you have installed a Metamask browser extension, you should be able to log in and connect to your account without a problem. After that, create an account, verify your email, and you should be ready to start playing.

How to earn AOG tokens

We already mentioned this before: AOG tokens are the game's primary means of value exchange. All in-app purchases are made with the token. So, when you are not directly depositing from your blockchain wallet, you want to know how to earn AOG tokens organically.

We've covered six ways for you to earn AOG tokens below:

1. Participate in guild progression

When you do not want to play the game alone, AOG allows you to create a group and invite players to compete with you. This group is known as "guilds," You will earn extra tokens for making or participating in one.

 2. Play international tournaments

You can earn up to 17,000 AOG in the bi-weekly global esports tournament.

3. Claim daily rewards

Daily reward is common with most action RPGs, and AOG is not left out. The game rewards you for keeping a streak of login, with the value of the reward increasing daily.

4. Defeat boss level

While you will surely pick up rewards as you progress through the game, no compensation is quite like the one you get for defeating a boss. Are you up for it? Try your luck and earn big.

5. Rise above the leaderboard

Climbing the leaderboard means you dedicate lots of hours to keeping AOG active. As such, you will be rewarded for each step you take on each level of the leaderboard.

If you don’t want to solve these challenges for AOG tokens, you can buy some by following the below steps.

How To Buy AOG Token

You can buy the AOG token by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Click the search icon and type in AOG(age of gods) token. You will see the details of the AOG token next

  3. On the next page, copy the AOG token contract Address

  4. Below the contract Address is the ‘market’ option. Click on Market to show you the acceptable exchanges and pairs with which you can buy the AOG token

  5. The sources of exchange are Biswap,, and PancakeSwap. Select the option you find convenient

  6. Using the PancakeSwap exchange, you need either the BUSD token or the CAKE coin to swap to the AOG token. i.e., you must purchase either the BUSD or CAKE first

  7. To buy either BUSD or CAKE coin, go to your Trust wallet

  8. If your trust wallet account has funds, click on the buy button

  9. Then search for CAKE, and click on the PancakeSwap token (BEP20).

  10. Input the dollar equivalent (minimum of $50) of the PancakeSwap token you want to buy and click next to make the purchase

  11. At the bottom right part of the Trustwallet, click on DApps

  12. Under DApps, go to New DApps and click on See All-this will show the entire list of exchanges where you will find PancakeSwap. Alternatively, you can go to the website:

  13. The next thing to do is click on the trade button at the bottom left corner of the website page, then, on the next page click on connect on the top right corner of the page

  14. Next, click on wallet connect, and click on the connect button again. A pop-up message will come up, simply click on TrustWallet among the options

  15. You have successfully connected your trust wallet to the pancakeswap exchange website. You can proceed to swap

  16. On the swap menu, click the top box and search for CAKE- the amount of the CAKE token you bought earlier should show here. Select it

  17. In the bottom box, paste the AOG token address you copied in 'step 3' and click on Import

  18. The next page displays an important message, asking you if you understand the action you are about to take. Tick the I understand box and click on import

  19. The next page will show you two boxes, the top box will be tagged CAKE, in the box, type in the amount of CAKE token you want to swap. The bottom box will be tagged AOG, showing the equivalent of the amount of CAKE typed in the top box

  20. Once you have input the correct amount of CAKE/AOG pair you intend to Swap, click on swap and your connected Trustwallet will be funded with the swapped AOG token

  21. The trust wallet address is the address you will connect to your AOG gaming account later on

  22. On your trust wallet, to make the AOG visible on your coin list; click on the icon at the top right corner, on the search bar, paste the token address copied on step 3, a token should come up, click on the ON/OFF switch beside the AOG token to add it to your list, go back to the Startpage and you will find your AOG token there

At this point, you are ready to begin your play-to-earn experience as an AOG player. Let us proceed to the next pain point “how to play AOG.”

What can you do with AOG tokens?

The more tokens you have, the more enjoyable and challenging AOG gets. Here are some things you can do with the token:

  • Unlock in-game gods: While the standard game progression is for you to build your god, you can instantly unlock one with the right number of tokens to save time.

How to Play AOG

The basic steps to learn how to play AOG are straightforward, but as you progress, you can customize your actions to suit your gaming or earning goals. Take the following steps to learn how to play the Age of gods game as a beginner:

  1. Go to the AOG website and create an account. After filling in the necessary information, you will get a confirmation email, which you will need to proceed to the login page. Keep your login details secure and easy to remember.

  2. Your login details will give you access to your account on the web and mobile app platforms. After you log in, you need to connect your wallet. Be sure you are linking the right wallet because it is linked forever to your email address and game account as a security measure.

  3. This linked wallet is the medium through which you will buy and sell the AOG token. Upon a successful purchase of the AOG token, click on swap on the side menu-here you can swap your AOG tokens to gAOG(in-game AOG tokens) at a ratio of 1:1. This gAOG is what you will use to stake and make purchases in the game.

  4.  Click on play game; you will proceed to the game window-here you get your default five cards comprising two soldiers, two demigods, and one god. These are the characters you will play the game with to progress.

  5. The AOG game has two worlds; each has 12 challenges that players need to complete to end the quest of one world and proceed to the next.

  6. As you progress in the game, you earn coins that you can use to level up your characters, acquire gears and upgrade your weapons.

  7. Once you have started the game, your characters will always fight opponents, whether you are awake to monitor the game or not. The more wins your characters have, the more they earn and the more AOG tokens you have. Talk about a fun-filled passive source of income.

  8. Every 12 hours, the game readjusts itself, and your earnings are up for collection. If you miss a collection period, you will stop earning additional coins and AOG until you collect your earnings in the next collection period.

You can only have one god at a time actively fighting in the game, and with the aid of your NFTs, you can always upgrade your god as many times as you can.

Once you have finished the quests in world1, you can now play the player-versus-player tournament(PVP). There is a leaderboard that shows your position in the tournament. The more you win, the higher your position; the more you lose, the lower you rank. The more people that join a tournament, the higher the prize.

These steps are meant to guide you through the basics. To be a professional player and be successful at AOG, you must be proactive and devise unique strategies to tackle each challenge.

Let us discuss the Big Question, “How to withdraw earnings.”

How To Withdraw AOG Earnings

To withdraw the earnings requires reverse engineering of how to buy the AOG token, but not verbatim. Follow the following steps to withdraw your earnings from the AOG game to your wallet:

  1. Login to your game account

  2. On the dashboard, click on swap to change your gAOG tokens to AOG tokens.

  3. Open your Trustwallet

  4. Click on your AOG token and select send

  5. Go to

  6. Click on trade

  7. In the top box, search and select the AOG token

  8. In the bottom box, paste the address of the CAKE token from your trust wallet and click import.

  9. On the next page, you will see two boxes. The top box will be tagged AOG. In the box, type in the amount of AOG token you want to swap. The bottom box will be labeled CAKE, showing the equivalent of the amount of AOG typed in the top box.

  10. Click Import to Import the desired amount of CAKE token to your Trustwallet.

  11. The swapped CAKE token will reflect in your Trustwallet account.

  12. Go back to and click on Trade.

  13. In the top box, search and select the CAKE token.

In the bottom box, paste the address of the USDT from your trust wallet and click import.

On the next page, you will see two boxes. The top box will be tagged CAKE; in the box, type in the amount of CAKE token you want to swap. The bottom box will be labeled USDT, showing the equivalent of the amount of CAKE typed in the top box.

Then click on import, and your USDT will reflect in your Tustwallet.

You can sell off the USDT via peer-to-peer (P2P) and get funded in your local bank account.

Following these steps can feel boring and lengthy at the first trial, but as you keep playing and earning, you will cover these steps in no time.

AOG is an inclusive game that teaches players ancient greek mythology. Players do research indirectly about their god characters and passively learn about these ancient gods, using the knowledge about the gods to devise winning strategies using gods and demigods whose abilities complement their goals. A successful AOG player will learn actively and earn passively and, in the long run, understand which god has abilities that complement their skills.

Final thoughts

The modern technology incorporation of NFTs and blockchain technology into the game adds spice to a seamless blend of the ancient and modern culture. If AOG continues to improve the game's inclusivity, I presume it will be a star in the gaming industry.

Pros & Cons
  • It is based on a familiar card game theme
  • Implements a play-to-earn model
  • It supports decentralized governance
  • Looks promising
  • In early stages
  • Still, a lot of fixes to be done