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Gala Games

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Gala Games: Full Website Review, Pros and Cons, and More

Gala Games (GALA) is a play-to-earn gaming site built on the blockchain that allows users to earn its GALA token for reaching in-game milestones.

Gala Games has a commendable project and a commendable strategy for the industry. It's believed that everyone will be able to comprehend their strategy easily, and it makes a lot of sense. Gala Games is attempting to develop AAA games that will attract gamers not because they are on the blockchain but because they are top-notch.

If you'd love to know more about the Gala Games, read on as we divulge more interesting information about it in the subsequent paragraphs.

About Gala Games

Gala Games is a cryptocurrency gaming company that creates top-notch games and provides players ownership and control through its NFT crypto, Gala coin. Despite the company's recent inception in 2019, it already has a sizable fan base among gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Gala Games (GALA) is one of 2021's top performers in the cryptocurrency gaming project, which saw a gain of almost thirty thousand percent. Its goal is to develop blockchain games that people want to play. Only one of the fourteen games it presently has in development on its website can be played. According to data from CoinGecko, Gala, like many other cryptocurrencies, has had a difficult year and is currently down more than 90% on its all-time high.

Who controls the Gala Games website?

The Gala Games platform is a community of player-owned and -controlled games, each with a unique audience-engaging feature. The site focuses on creating excellent games, and cryptocurrency is utilized to decentralize everything and give the players complete control.

To earn cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for other digital assets, including money, players can also develop and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within the game or through non-game-based exchanges.

The goal is to enable users to actively collaborate with the developers and share in the generated revenue.

Who created Gala Games?

The first Gala Games co-founder and CEO is Eric Schiermeyer. Eric is a co-founder of Zynga and the former CEO of Intermix Media, the organization that created Myspace. Since Eric used to work for Zynga, which has several well-known games like FarmVille, he is the team's first VIP talent.

Michael McCarthy is Gala Games' studio director at the moment and the company's second co-founder. He created FarmVille 2 and served as Zynga's former creative director. FarmVille 2 has over forty million monthly active gamers at its peak, which is impressive.

Many members of the Gala Games team have experience in game development, and they are actively working on several intriguing games.

Pro features of Gala Games

Listed below are some pro features of Gala Games.

● Community Focused

In the past, games were created and brought to players with little to no user input. While using services like Discord and Telegram, community reliance is essential for Blockchain-based enterprises. Gala Game is also included in this.

As a result, the community has a say in how games are made and how design modifications are executed and approved by the community.

● Ownership Structure

Past games have demonstrated that gamers can spend a lot of cash on games with only excitement in return.

Gala Games gives gamers ownership as they participate in the playing process by utilizing NFTs and other services in a decentralized network.

As a gamer, you can choose to trade your NFTs after using them for some time to get some nice money.

● Developed on the Binance Smart Chain

Gala Games was initially built on the Ethereum blockchain. Gala Games recently used the p.Network Bridge DApp to connect the GALA token to Binance Smart Chain as a BEP-20 asset. As a result, participants can significantly lower transaction costs when using or exchanging GALA tokens.

● Consensus Structure

Any given blockchain project's consensus structure describes how it wishes to reach agreements or make choices on its network activity and rewards.

There are three alternative consensus techniques for the Gala Node ecosystem:

  • The founders' mode is represented by proof-of-work (PoW).

  • The paid nodes are represented by Proof-of-Stake (PoS).

  • The game will become less dependent on centralized platforms like Amazon S3, thanks to Proof-of-Storage, which are free nodes.

It gains extra stability and flexibility from this structure.

● Multiple games

The Gala network's games provide blockchain-powered gaming experiences, and the site now has about twelve games in development. This covers tower defense, space exploration, RPG, and other games.

● Huge Community

Gala Games boasts a startling 1.3+ million active users, which is an astounding amount compared to most play-to-earn games. Games released on the platform are therefore anticipated to quickly rank among the most well-liked P2E games in the blockchain industry.

● Free P2E video game development

The development of video games based on the blockchain and NFTs is Gala Games' other significant aspect. To do this, the business will establish a distinct division devoted solely to creating blockchain games.

According to Gala Games' president of blockchain, Jason Brink, the project's primary goal is to provide engaging gameplay for gamers:

"The key differentiating factor for us is that we put the game and the gameplay first, before anything else. We believe that games and gamers should always be at the forefront of the gaming ecosystem. This is why we focus on AAA-quality game development. We deployed over $150 million in the capital in January alone to acquire games for the platform. It is important to note that these are fully fleshed out AAA games from teams with decades of experience making winning games."

Users concerns

Some users' concerns about Gala Games are highlighted below.

● Unpredictable future

The process of creating video games is, in fact, incredibly difficult, expensive, and unpredictable. A very encouraging game with fantastic developers and an unlimited budget has often failed tragically after its launch in the history of video games. As a result, it is quite challenging to forecast the future of any company in this sector.

It appears that the future of Gala Games entirely depends on how well their games perform. The startup will survive if it can draw in a sizable audience and make money. Gala Games will be another business that video games have destroyed if this is not the case.

● It lacks sufficient demand

The token's lack of sufficient demand in relation to its supply is another drawback. This won't alter until the GALA sidechain is made available and the token develops greater utility, but it's unclear when that will happen.

How to buy Gala Games?

All that you’d need is a smartphone or computer, an internet connection, picture identification, and a method of payment, and the entire process may be completed in as little as fifteen minutes.

● Compare cryptocurrency exchanges

Purchasing Gala via a cryptocurrency exchange is the simplest option. You can locate a crypto exchange with the qualities you want, such as low fees, simplicity of use, or round-the-clock customer service, by comparing them.

● Create an account

You must confirm your email address and identity to register for an account on an exchange. Get your mobile phone and some photo identification ready.

● Set up a deposit

After your identity has been confirmed, you can deposit money using whichever payment method you prefer. Bank transfers (sepa), credit cards, and debit cards are all commonly accepted.

● Purchase Gala

You can now buy Gala with your money. This can be done by simply entering the desired purchase amount and pressing the buy button on exchanges that are simpler to use. You can now withdraw your Gala to your wallet if you'd like.

GALA's Top Cryptocurrency Wallets

● Best Hardware Wallet: Ledger

A hardware wallet is the best option if you want maximum security for your cryptocurrency assets. Since they are only linked to the internet when you use them, hardware wallets are extremely secure. They are hard to hack since they are cut off from the internet, if not completely impossible.

When you assess security, usability, and price among all the hardware wallets available, Ledger stands out. The Secure Element chip powers the ledger's security. Most high-end data storage devices, such as credit cards and passports, use the same chips.

Transactions may only be completed physically on the device, which is a crucial security element. That implies that to carry out a transaction, a hacker would also need to have the device with them.

● Best Software Wallet: Coinbase Wallet

The Coinbase wallet is the best option when looking for a software wallet. Along with NFTs, more than 500 coins and tokens are supported. A mobile application and a Google Chrome extension are available for the Coinbase wallet.

The Secure Enclave chip gives the Coinbase wallet its level of security. Your mobile phone has a Secure Enclave chip that protects your biometric information.

The Secure Enclave's ability to prevent a private key produced there from leaving is its most important feature. The Coinbase wallet also uses SMS authentication with a verified mobile phone number and two-factor authentication for additional protection. To utilize the wallet, you don't need a Coinbase account.

How does the Gala Games work?

Gala Games offers a large selection of games for players, much like the Steam store or GOG. Nonetheless, unlike traditional stores, all games are entirely free to play and are accessed via a decentralized application over the blockchain.

Gala Games is currently developing a total of five distinct games, including:

  • Mirandus: An epic fantasy role-playing game adventure where players construct their lands to generate income while battling monsters in various locations.

  • Town Star: A game that allows users from around the globe to compete for NFTs while developing and creating towns

  • Spider Tank: A multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game called Spider Tank lets users use their spider tanks and a choice of armaments to engage in combat on several different maps.

  • Echoes of Empire: a great sci-fi strategy game in which players battle it out for the few resources dispersed throughout the universe.

  • Fortified: a PvP tower defense game where participants use a range of their assets to test their ideas.

Including an online store is one aspect of Gala Games that sticks out. Due to its built-in marketplace, Gala Games makes it simple for users to purchase and trade in-game items. With the help of this market, gamers may quickly get the money they need to loot their games or buy new characters and items to improve their gameplay.

Players may also find a full-featured NFT store that supports all player-owned in-game assets. Due to its interaction with CoinPayments, these items, which are split into six rarity classes (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Ancient), can be purchased or sold in various cryptocurrencies.

A long-standing concept, play-to-earn games and blockchain-powered games with user-owned assets are not new. Gala Games, nonetheless, stands out from the other platforms in this sector thanks to a few unique characteristics.

Lastly, Gala Games is also a community-driven site. Community-owned nodes power the platform's network. To evaluate which games and features are most well-liked by the community, the development team and operational staff frequently interact with them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the principles of gala games?

You have the following rights under the Gala Games Platform's Primary Principles: You own your content- Creative thought has been severely restricted by the strict management of assets and game accounts. Gala Games' decentralized environment aims to shatter barriers and restore players' rightful control.

Gala Games: A Scam or Not?

Gala Games is a firm that creates games. Their games are available for free, and the business is unquestionably honest. The business uses a cryptocurrency called Gala coin, which may be bought, kept, or traded. Buying cryptocurrencies is seen as high risk because they are known to be extremely volatile.

What is play to earn game?

Play-to-earn gaming enables users to receive incentives for playing games on a platform built on the blockchain. In these blockchain games, players can utilize their talents to earn cryptocurrency that can later be cashed out or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies if they so want. Gaming and blockchain technology are expected to be significant once adoption picks up.

Final thoughts

Gala Games and GALA tokens have been present for a while, and they belong to a promising area of the play-to-earn cryptocurrency industry.

Gala has a lot going for it, and it may end up being one of the best cryptocurrency gaming platforms in the future. However, it's a risky market sector, and it could also lose popularity.

Pros & Cons
  • Community Focused
  • Ownership Structure
  • Developed on the Binance Smart Chain
  • Consensus Structure
  • Multiple games
  • Huge Community
  • Free P2E video game development
  • Unpredictable future
  • It lacks sufficient demand