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Sandbox Game

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The Sandbox Game Full Review

The rise of play-to-earn games opened new opportunities for people to make passive income online. And with the integration of Blockchain into gaming, people wonder what the next big thing will be.

The Sandbox Game is one of the most exciting play-to-earn blockchain games today. Many people are rushing to take advantage of this huge opportunity. It is an interactive gaming experience that encourages gamers to create and design immersive adventures while monetizing them with its own cryptocurrency.

However, The Sandbox is a Web3 application that runs in the Metaverse. If you're like most people that are new to these terms, you may want to know "what Sandbox game is, how it works and if you can truly make money from it.”

Luckily, we have answered all your questions here. This article will cover everything you need to start the Sandbox game.

What is the Sandbox?

Depending on your experience, the Sandbox might mean different things. In cybersecurity, the Sandbox refers to a virtual machine environment where you can run potentially harmful packages and applications without affecting the local PC.

The key here is that the Sandbox is an isolated space where users are free to create and test applications. The Sandbox shares a similar definition in the gaming world- the software program allowing you to create a virtual gaming environment on your PC.

So, what are Sandbox games?

The Sandbox features a collection of RPG adventure games. These 3D video games have a gameplay element that gives the player a great degree of creativity to interact with, usually without any predetermined goal, or alternatively with a goal that the player sets for themselves.

The sandbox games are like virtual versions of Minecraft or Roblox. So if you are familiar with those games, you won't have a hard time understanding how sandbox games work.

Okay, but where does Blockchain come in?

Great question!

Remember how we said in the beginning that Sandbox games are "play2earn (P2E)?


Since Sandbox games are virtual, you will need a digital currency to claim your rewards.

That is where Blockchain comes in.

Blockchain is the technology that validates the transaction of digital assets like cryptocurrencies, tokens, NFTs, etc. There are many types of Blockchain for different digital assets. You probably already know the popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Solana blockchains.

How does this relate to the Metaverse?

Sandbox >> Virtual lands >> Blockchain >> NFTs

These are the essential components that make up the Metaverse.

Most people talk about the Metaverse in fancy language. Describe it as the 9th planet you need to craft your own spaceship to reach.

Contrarily, the Sandbox is essentially the Metaverse. Or say the gaming realm of the Metaverse.

Like the real world, the Sandbox Metaverse has lands you can buy to create your own virtual real estate. It has its own currency, validated by the Blockchain, so you can buy and sell stuff in the virtual world.

It has elements like character skins and avatars (like real-life outfits that you obviously purchased ) and equipment (like swords, crafting items, etc., that you need to get things done). Collectively, these valuable elements are known as the NFTs- more on this later.

Before we get into how to play and earn in the Sandbox, let's cover how the Sandbox works: the gameplay, Lands, Maps, features, and currencies.

How does The Sandbox Work- A Brief Walkthrough!

The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences and assets inside an immense virtual world.

The Sandbox software leverages the Ethereum blockchain to track ownership of the digital LAND and NFT ASSETS on its application. Users further engage with its ecosystem using Ethereum wallets that hold their SAND tokens.

Developers are also free to innovate within the Sandbox's platform by designing the animation and interactions experienced on their virtual real estate using several tools:

The Sandbox is a virtual ecosystem with its own Metaverse. Players can design worlds and characters, create multiple adventures and narratives, and build digital assets that can be traded with other players.

The game is powered by three integrated tools:

  • The VoxEdit

  • Game maker

  • Marketplace

What is VoxEdit?

VoxEdit is the tool that allows players to design 3D objects that are the core of every asset in the game, from avatars and characters to equipment and scenery. Just like an image editor, the VoxEditor modifies voxels/pixels in a 3D environment.

VoxEditor serves three purposes for Sandbox artists

  • Modeling

Design and produce 3D voxelated representations of design inspiration or import an existing work from a game similar to The Sandbox, such as Minecraft.

  • Animation

Use animate to create interactivity around your creations. This is where you programme your creations to move or react in specific ways depending on the scenarios. 

  • NFT Conversion

After creating and testing the asset, use the VoxEditor to mint this asset into an NFT and export it to the Sandbox. From The Sandbox, share the asset to the marketplace, where it will render as a virtual asset on the Blockchain.

Interestingly, you do not learn coding to create assets in the VoxEditor. In fact, the VoxEditor has several templates you can quickly edit to create unique assets. Check out The Sandbox team's tutorial so you do not miss a step.

How does Game Maker work?

When artists create an ASSET, they want players to purchase and use it in a gaming environment. This is where the Game Maker comes in.

Unlike the VoxEditor, where an artist creates ASSETS, the game maker allows creators to create game modes on LAND. When you ask, "what do we do in The Sandbox Metaverse"? A definitive answer is that you play around the world that Game Makers have built on LANDS in the Sandbox.

And, since it is a creative thing, each gaming world will offer you a gaming experience different from the next. Otherwise, where is the fun in playing similar game modes?

So, to be a game maker, you need to buy LAND in the Metaverse first. This ensures that you have a space to host your game. And consequently, game players can use ASSETS in your game.

Lands are pretty expensive in the Metaverse, so you can partner with someone to share the cost.

How to use the marketplace?

The marketplace is where ASSET owners and creators trade. Because the marketplace is built on the Ethereum blockchain, your account must be connected to the Ethereum mainnet to access the market.

After connecting your account to Ethereum's mainnet, you can now buy and sell NFTs on the platform for $SAND, provided you have a little bit of $ETH in your wallet for gas.

The Sandbox gameplay components summed up.

In the Sandbox, you can be a player, a creator, or both.

Creators use the integrated tools to build unique gaming assets on the Land and invite players to share this experience in exchange for a reward.

The overall gameplay system revolves around players sharing experiences and playing at each other's levels. But in the game, not only creators can profit from the game, as players can play to earn by collecting resources, rewards and tokens.

There is also a system that offers grants to creators called the Foundation. It has already funded 15 game projects, even though the game is still in its open beta phase, and several projects are also expected to be awarded.


Sandbox Land: What is it, why you need it, and how to buy

A LAND is a piece of The Sandbox metaverse, providing access to exclusive content as well as granting the possibility to monetize your own part of The Sandbox's Metaverse. Build experiences, host events, and invite friends.

What is SAND crypto?

SAND is an ERC-20 utility token on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the in-game currency of the Sandbox. Players can use SAND to play games, access worlds and levels, and buy items and equipment to customize avatars.

Creators also use SAND to buy LANDs, create adventures and interactive experiences, which players must pay admission to be able to play, and sell assets in the marketplace to generate revenue.

SAND also serves as the governance token. What this means is that players can use the token to vote and contribute to the decision-making process of The Sandbox. The more SAND a player owns, the higher their right to vote.

The Sandbox Metaverse Map Explained!

Did you know that The Sandbox Metaverse is composed of 166,464 LANDS, in a square map of 408x408? That's immensely larger! Yet, it's scarce since there will never be more than this amount of LAND utility. The Map helps you explore this Metaverse.

To access the Map of the Metaverse:

1) Go to The Sandbox website.

And then click "Map" on the left toolbar.

2) Once there, you can view the entire Metaverse. Here is a preview below:

How to use the Sandbox Map

Here are some of the features you can use on the Sandbox map:

Filtered Searching

Whether you are looking for LANDs on-sale, premium, mega cities, or you want to view the entire Metaverse, the filter search features have everything you need. You can also filter lands according to their sizes, coordinates, wallet address owner, etc.

Lite Map

The first time I used the Sandbox metaverse map, I noticed it took some time to respond to the filter. That's because the Map is huge, and sorting the data according to your preference might take some time. But the Lite version of the Map saves time and responds faster.

This setting hides all tiny graphics on the Map, which helps some devices and networks load faster. Images will only load based on the zoom level if this option is selected. To notice the changes, switch between the gallery tabs.

How to create an account in The Sandbox

To register a Sandbox account, you need to have an active cryptocurrency wallet. The game currently accepts these three types of wallets:

  • MetaMask

  • Coinbase

  • Bitski

  • Venly

Since MetaMask is the most popular cryptocurrency wallet on the Ethereum network, let's review how to create a Sandbox account with MetaMask:

  • Set up a Metamask account on the official website

  • After that, go to and click sign-up

  • Select MetaMask as the preferred sign-up method

  • Follow the prompt to download the MetaMask extension

  • Once that is done, go back to the homepage and click sign-in

  • Select MetaMask sign-in, and your account will be connected instantly.

  • Welcome to the Metaverse.

How to play and earn in The Sandbox Metaverse?

Unlike Free-to-play games, Sandbox allows you to monetize your gaming experience. The game has a reward system for players and creators. These are the three ways to play and earn rewards in the Sandbox Metaverse:

  • Play games, earn reward

  • Build games, monetize them

  • Create assets market them

You can also participate in prize competitions. Take The Sandbox's partnership with Voxodeus, where participants can walk away with up to 15,000 $SAND and VoxoDeus NFTs.

You should know that VoxoDeus is the first large-scale 3D interactive NFT collectibles with Minter and Holder Rewards. So this competition is really a huge opportunity for Sandbox Metaverse creators to showcase their expertise.

Create assets and monetize them

Sandbox assets are materials created on the LAND to enhance the gaming experience. They are also referred to as Voxel assets. You can only create these assets in the VoxEditor.

There are four groups of assets you can create and sell in the marketplace at the moment. They are :

  • Art

  • Entities

  • Wearables

  • Equipment

Many of these assets are either game cosmetics, while others help you perform tasks and interact more effectively. The Sandbox intends to expand the marketplace's categories in the future, including Blocks, Games, and Avatars.

Frequently asked questions

Is The Sandbox game worth it?

The Sandbox could be a great investment because when you are not selling assets or building game environments, you can earn SAND just by playing in other people's games. And, of course, you do not need to pay any sign-up fee. Just log on, play quests, earn rewards and convert the reward to real-world money.

With the Sandbox in partnership with big influencers and artists like Snoop Dogg, Atari, and Binance, no one can predict how huge the future of investment in the Sandbox will be.

Is Sandbox okay for kids?

The Sandbox is suitable for children aged 6 and up. Sandbox, like Minecraft, has an open-ended and creative gaming experience at its heart that is suited for children.

What types of games can I play in The Sandbox?

The Sandbox typically features open-world, role-playing games, and adventure game modes. With the game maker being updated regularly, players can expect a larger collection of game modes in the future.