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League of Kingdoms

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League of Kingdoms Review: You Will Make Real Money in this NFT Game

If you are a master of strategy games and feel it's time to get paid to pillage and plunder enemies- League of Kingdom is the perfect game for you. People say League of Kingdom is the first NFT-based MMO strategy game, but we are unsure. What we are confident of, however, is that the game packs loads of fun and money-making opportunities that could potentially force all basic strategy games out of the market. There is no better time to be a blockchain gamer.

But if you aren’t familiar with how blockchain and cryptocurrencies work, getting started on blockchain-based strategy games can be a little challenging.

League of Kingdoms is a terrific place to start if you want to learn about these games, play for fun, and make money later. To learn more about League of Kingdoms, read our review.

What is League of Kingdoms?

League of Kingdoms is an MMO (Massive Multiplayer) strategy game built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is similar in style and gameplay to mobile strategy games like Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming and Rise of Kingdoms.

In league of kingdoms, you compete against other players to test who can build the strongest kingdom. Thus, your ultimate goal is to build a kingdom, form alliances, and raise an army strong enough to attack and defend against competing players.
The difference between LoK and other crypto games is that players can only earn in-game assets in those games. But, in LoK, the resources, in-game purchases, and land can be minted as NFTs and traded outside the game and earn real money. You can play League of Kingdoms on iOS, Android, or your desktop browser.

League of Kingdom gameplay and features

League of Kingdom’s gameplay is smooth and straightforward. When you’re not building your kingdom, you’re busy pillaging someone else’s or farming for monsters. That's all there is to it, really. The fun part is building an alliance with friends and completing challenges with them. Let’s talk about how to build your kingdom, form a partnership, and other exciting features in LoK:

Building your kingdom in LoK

You need to explore the map and gather resources to build your kingdom in LoK. You will start the game with a default castle. The castle is located in one of the primitive kingdoms, so you need to fortify and upgrade it to survive attacks from enemies.

Building your kingdom is more than just arranging buildings as they develop them. When working with different buildings like barracks and markets, you need to be super-strategic with positioning and size.

You can build your kingdom faster with other players when they offer to help you. That way, you will form alliances with other players. Otherwise, use speed boosters to reduce the time taken to build the kingdom.

To extract resources, build or find items like lumber camps, farms, gold mines, stone, crystals, corn, etc. As you collect resources, you are rewarded with a specific amount of XP. When you collect up to 100,000X of resources on a LAND, the LAND unlocks a new level of development for which you earn development points. With that reward, you can expand your kingdom further.

As you continue to develop your kingdom, each building can be fortified up to a maximum level of 30, indicating that you have acquired the highest strength level.

Working with alliances in LoK

Your alliance is co-players with whom you strategize to build your kingdom and win battles in the League of Kingdoms. Alliance is so essential in LoK that you cannot survive without them.

When you start playing the game, the system grants you a 72 hours protection shield. During this time, an enemy cannot attack you. But you are expected to form alliances during that time. Otherwise, things can get messy after the protective shield expires.

So, you see, an alliance can be your greatest asset in the game. Aside from its protective advantage, allying helps you socialize with other real-life players, strategize with them, and coordinate attacks.

The ultimate goal of alliance members is to acquire a shrine. Shrines are sacred sanctuaries where protective magic shields were activated as the first line of protection. There are sacred sentinels and the king's shield to protect the precious site from any dangers in the shrines.

Additionally, you also form alliances to capture in-game perks and rewards such as boosted health, speed, or reduced death rates.

The fun part of working with an alliance in LoK is that you get to compete in the weekly challenge with your allies. Each week, your alliance is challenged to capture unoccupied shrines or those controlled by another alliance. This challenge can get real messy. Depending on the shrine's tier, you and your alliance can spend millions of troops to defend or capture a shrine.

Batte Basics: Loot or Lose

In LoK, there are two enemies: the opposing player and monsters. None of them will play soft and cool.

When you consider that people purchase speed boosts and other power-ups to get ahead, you will understand why there is no place for nice people in LoK. The battle basics are pretty straightforward: loot, pillage, and plunder, or you lose.

After the 72 hours of protection expires, prepare for an intense player-vs-player battle. The enemy will try to put their boots through your doors. If you haven’t allied, you’d most likely be too weak to resist an attack. The enemy will raze you down and loot all your hard-earned resources. And you can even lose all tour troops as a result.

LoK is a play-to-earn game with loads of play-to-win players. You have to master the battle strategy and form strong alliances to get ahead. You can earn power-ups and resources for free if you complete daily quests and help players complete tasks.

In-game bundles: Speedup boost and crystals

Speedup boosts and crystals are essential power-ups in LoK. You will get quite a lot of speeding boost that you can spend on four different activities: troop training, building, healing, and research. You can boost the speed of your army going from point A to point B without having to do the whole walk.

Protip: Save up your speedups as best as possible to earn even bigger rewards during events.

You need crystals to upgrade buildings. You can purchase crystals with real money or complete tasks to earn them. A building can reach a maximum level of 30. You will need a golden pillar that costs 2,000 crystals when you get that level. You can buy a pack of 2,300 crystals for $19.99.

Hammer, Helmet and Portion

Hammer, Helmet and Portion are like the holy trinity of items in LoK. Hammer to build. Helmet to train an army. Portion for player’s health. These items are pretty easy to use for anyone. But there is little to know about the hammer.

There are two types of hammers. The regular hammer and the golden hammer. The first hammer is your first cue in the game to erect a building. When you upgrade a building, you'll see a little circle going around until the building is upgraded. The second hammer is a golden hammer. When you have a hammer boost, you will use it to put another building simultaneously. You can get the golden hammer either by buying it or by doing quests that give you the hammer.

Now that we know the game features and strategy let us go to the real deal: NFTs in LoK and how to make real money.

What are LAND and NFTs in League of Kingdoms?

LAND is like virtual real estate in LoK. To be successful in the game, you need to build your land and work on other players’ land to earn rewards.

You can gather resources to build a LAND, after which you can trade, sell or build other things. Remember that all resources you use to develop the LAND are digital assets (NFTs). So, the LAND is a collection of NFT resources. All kingdoms function on LAND.

In virtual real estate terms, players have access to 65,536 LAND tokens, and each LAND can accommodate 16 kingdoms on a 4x4 scale.

NFTs from LoK offers the possibility of a rare in-game asset that can hold its value or even increase in value over time as long as players keep on to them.

How to make money in league of kingdoms

There are two ways to earn money in LoK. One is by owning lands, and the other is by minting all the resources you make in the game. Because your land is virtual real estate on a blockchain network, it holds value and can either sell it to other players or rented out a portion. These are some things you need to know about trading LAND in LoK.

  1. As a landowner, you will get 5% of all the resources harvested by players on your land.

  2. You will also receive 10% of the profits from in-game purchases in DAI, a stable coin pegged to the US dollar.

  3. You can sell land for between $13 to USD 240, depending on the tier level of the land.

The other way to make money is to connect your account with OpenSea using Metamask and sell your in-game assets for crypto.

Selling digital assets on LoK can be very profitable if you approach it with a serious real-estate investor’s mindset. You can contribute the DAI back into the game pool so that your land goes up in level and dev point and attract a high figure in the future.

League of kingdoms FAQs

Is League of Kingdoms free to play?

League of Kingdoms is a free-to-play multiplayer MMO strategy game. Although browsers are recommended, you can play it for free on mobile (Android and iOS) and PC.

Does League of Kingdoms have a token?

League of Kingdoms as a token, it is called LOKA ($LOKA)- meaning League of Kingdoms Arena. While players can still tokenize their resources into NFTs sold in the open market, LOKA is the League of Kingdom’s native governance token. It represents the currency used inside the game to purchase items such as skins, goods, and bundles in the game store.

In addition, there are other functions you can perform with the $LOKA token:

  • It can be used as an NFT booster when creating, upgrading, or acquiring NFT assets.

  • It is used to propose and vote on the LoK’s on-chain governance proposals. That way, you get the chance to contribute to the discussion that will shape future releases, features, content, and policies of the game.

  • LoK’s reward system boosts as winners of Continent vs. Continent battles are rewarded with $LOKA.

League of Kingdoms will be able to increase player adoption, inclusion, and activation with the adoption of the LOKA token, as players will be able to effectively own, propose, vote, and earn on the gaming platform.

How many people play League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdom is an immersive MMO game with over 80,000 active players daily, 15,000 concurrent players, and over 400,000 monthly active players. Gamers can enjoy an intriguing worldwide MMO experience through intercontinental fights and several other competitions.

Final Words

What sets League of Kingdoms apart from other strategy games is that it is based on the Ethereum network. As such, it appeals to the modern gaming audience with a strong interest in crypto and NFTs. Players spend a lot of time gathering resources to enjoy a great gaming experience on LoK. They get to keep these assets and sell them for money in exchange.