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Chat With Traders Review
Chat With Traders
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Chat with traders is a crypto-website which has a unique mode of operation. On the home page of the site, the first thing you would see which would catch your attention, is a bold text which reads “I frequently interview talented traders to extract their best insight”. Below this text, is another italicized text which is smaller in size and this informs users and visitors to the site that new messages of Chat with Traders podcast can be sent to their inbox. There is a space provided below this text which enables users to input their email address.

Scrolling further down the site shows the latest interview with a trader, although it is not usually displayed in full, as users would need to click a link to read up the full contents. Also, there is a section called “Essential Listening”, this section has a brief description which is in form of a commendation by someone by iTunes. This description mentions the fact that Aaron’s interview skills are top-notch. This section contains different links which leads to the interview of various traders and their pictures attached to it.


1. Chat with Traders has an attractive website

2. The website has training guides and also a guide on how to get a trading mentor

3. At the bottom of the home page, there is a list of all the available social media platforms

Pros & Cons
  • Chat with traders is an informative and educative site because, users would be exposed to various form of experiences from these traders who are doing well in their various fields