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BitinfoCharts Review
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Basically, according to the description on Bitinfocharts, it is a website which shows the crypto-currency statistics.

Clicking on PRICES, a user can access top crypto-currency list, the crypto-currency list for 2017, and new crypto-currencies in 2018. Also, you can view the exchange rates of 28 crypto-currency exchanges. Also, a click on CHARTS leads the user to a page which shows statistics of popular crypto-currencies and how they are currently faring.

Lastly, clicking on CORRELATIONS, shows the correlations between crypto-coins over a certain period of time.

The home page of the site which shows the statistics of crypto-coins starting with Bitcoin, can be flipped between the horizontal and the vertical layout.


1. The home page of the website can be viewed in both light and dark mode

2. There is a privacy policy and disclaimer at the bottom of the home page

Pros & Cons
  • BitinfoCharts is an educative one which users can rely on for latest updates on crypto-currency statistics
  • The home page of the website looks quite scanty and unarranged
  • Users who are new to the website for the first time might be discouraged on what they might find
  • The home page of the website does not have a good design
  • The website has no Terms of service and info description (About)
  • Asides the fact that there is a description at the top of the home page, users could be expecting more info on the services which the site has to offer