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Woobull Charts Review
Woobull Charts
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Woodbull charts is a crypto-currency website whose site description briefly states that it contains charts for cryptocurrency investors. The home page of the website has a bold caption which reads “Bitcoin Investments Charts”. Below this caption, are various lists of sub-topics such as Bitcoin NVT ratio, Bitcoin Nvt signal, Bitcoin mayer multiple and a host of others.

These topics are clickable, and they have contents within them. Below these sub-topics are brief descriptions for each of them which talks about what they are all about.

For each topic which is clicked, there is a chart and other sub-topics such as notes, calculation, data source, related articles, and history amongst others.


1. At the bottom of the home page, is a brief info about the Author of Woobull charts and a link which leads to the main website

2. Woobull charts has a short site description

Pros & Cons
  • When clicking each sub-topic, there is a chart and other important details, this suggests that the site is informative
  • People who are new to crypto-currency might not find this site useful for the time being, they would have to research more on crypto-currency before they can have a handle on this
  • The home page of the website is not really attractive, and the design is too simple. New users might be discouraged from browsing further on the site
  • The site has a brief description, and visitors to the site might find it quite hard to properly understand what the site entails