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Bitcoin.pl Review
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Bitcoin.Pl is a Poland-based cryptocurrency news platform that ensures people get daily, reliable updates. They have their sire designed in such a way that once you get on the page, you start enjoying the best form of reporting and publishing news. However, Bitcoin.Pl has several features including Guides which will be explained later, it also displays information about Bitcoin price, analysis and charts on the homepage.

Bitcoin.Pl uses social media like Facebook to reach a targeted audience and are supported by some organizations, brands and platforms. Also, the site is easy to use because it has a nice theme and pictures for display but it lacks a dashboard like most other sites; instead it uses a “Message” option to list out its menu.

Features of Bitcoin.Pl

1. News: The news on Bitcoin.Pl are simple, easy to read and understand. Although, there are times when a reader would love to glance through a news without actually reading it but would love to understand its content, Bitcoin.Pl provides the service of a News at glance.

2. Guides: This is the educational aspect of Bitcoin.Pl where you learn about cryptocurrencies in a simplified way. It also provides information on the safety of Bitcoins and how to earn big. It offers tutorial services and links which would be helpful in learning.

3. Facilities: Here, Bitcoin.Pl provides information on places that accept cryptocurrencies in Poland. Some of these facilities are; Bars and Restaurants, Hotels,

Pros & Cons
  • Provide detailed information about places in Poland.
  • News at a glance feature is available.
  • Sometimes, Polish interferes with English on the site which could be a problem.