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My Cryptopedia Review
My Cryptopedia
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As the name implies, it means every information you may need to know about cryptocurrencies are on the site. All recent articles and those in the archives are made available for readers easily. Some of these articles are for research or to detect changes in the market over time based on statistical records.

Posts or articles are either by individuals or group of individuals making up the editorial team. On the site, the post by the editorial team is first displayed with respect to the date published while those by certain individuals on the platform are listed underneath. There are also press releases which are compiled by the editorial team for readers with respect to dates published and they make use of Twitter as their social media platform.

Features of Mycryptopedia

1. Cryptocurrencies: In this section of the site, readers are taught about different types of cryptocurrencies like Ripples, Ethereum, Bitcoin, NEO, Monero, etc. They make sure they impart readers with the knowledge of cryptocurrencies, especially how to make profit from them.

2. Cryptocurrency Technology: There are several technologies that involve itself with cryptocurrencies like Atomic Swaps, Public and Private Key, etc. All these are explained and listed for readers here.

3. Cryptocurrency Tutorial: Here, tutorials on how to trade or mine cryptocurrencies are explained in details. You have the basics which includes; Introduction, Mining, Technology, Whitepaper, Smart Contracts and many others.

Pros & Cons
  • The site simplifies articles or posts to readers’ understanding.
  • Tutorials are available for beginners so they could learn basic things about cryptocurrencies.
  • Both recent and previous information are available.