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Swiss Online Pharmacy Review
Swiss Online Pharmacy
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The swiss pharmacy is a generic medications marketplace primarily regarding general medications, hair loss remedies, and weight loss supplements. They claim to be the leader in generic medications and offer a plethora of certified medications at low prices with high quality.

Payment methods include eCheck, S.W.I.F.T Bank transfer, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, and Ethereum.

The site overall is pretty self-explanatory and on the left-hand side you’ll find over 20 categories of medical related medication offerings.

Something that stands out to me is the fact they have a random woman pictured on the homepage next to a quote by a man, which is just kind of confusing. Something else that bothered me was the use of very generic cryptocurrency pictures that you can easily tell were not created for the sites specific usage and instead just copy/pasted from the internet.

The company is branded and even touted as under Swiss management but don’t let that fool you, the company operates out of India and the Seychelles. The medications are not shipped nor manufactured in Switzerland but more so from India. The writing on the website is also clearly written by someone that is not a native English speaker and there doesn’t appear to be any Swiss versions accessible to the general user.

The customer service states their representatives speak English or German. Yet another oddity I wouldn’t expect from a Swiss medications company.

It would appear that the only Swiss related things this company entails is the branding and very odd use of the Swiss emblem.

Pros & Cons
  • Availability of cheap medication and supplements.
  • Payment via cryptocurrencies.
  • The site seems poorly maintained and designed which is just odd to me regarding a medical company. I would personally expect a company who specializes in life altering substances to have a professionally designed website.
  • You can see they claim they accept Cryptocurrencies but they really have no information on how they go about this practice or why they chose to use Cryptocurrencies in the first place.