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CryptoCurrency Review
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Cryptocurrency has gone viral. Everyone is getting into it and enjoying the benefits. It’s a world opened for everyone. Investment, trading, mining, exchanging, updating are different sections on this platform where people have and are still exploring to get the best from. As the market is expanding daily and lots of innovations and ideas are being pumped into the system. Enthusiastic investors saw a need to share ideas and thoughts so they can learn from one another and not get lost in this new world of diverse currencies. This has led to the establishment of lots of interactive forums on different social media platforms where ideas are shared and updates are given to the end that everyone is kept up to date with the recent happenings in the crypto world.

One of the forums that have been created for this purpose is r/CryptoCurrency. A large family forum established on the Discord server. This forum is targeted towards sharing information and engaging in in-depth conversation. The channel is not restricted to a particular class or sector of the market, beginners, as well as professionals, are welcome to the platform by joining through an invite link. Predictions are made and thoughts are shared. Although traders on this platform share basic tips about trading and investment, r/CryptoCurrency platform have isolated themselves from being responsible for such, so, any tip and financial advice followed by members of the community is usually at the risk of the followers.

Activeness of a member on this platform is usually being rewarded as they enjoy a climb up the ladder of levels where they enjoy more in-depth discussions and insights. The server is not also without rules as there are rules guiding the conduct of each member. These rules are implemented by Moderators and Bots.

Pros & Cons
  • It encourages members to be actively involved in the forum.
  • The forum separates itself from any financial advice given on the channel.