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Rubix Blockchain is a crypto trading platform created to even make trading more enjoyable and yielding. Rxp can be gotten for trading, earning and investing. On this platform, you are able to create your own wallet, mine, trade and more importantly earn enough. This Blockchain company now have a channel created on Discord. This channel is specifically created for interested investors and those that are already in the system.

It is a platform controlled by a mix of bots and human. Once you join the platform by following an invite from a member of the group, you are added to the discuss matter and duly welcome. The bot reminds you of them to carefully read, understand and adhere to their numerous instructions. On this platform, members enjoy guides on how to create wallets, mining, when to trade and how to earn.

You can as well join the active channels and contribute all you have to say as well learn from the conversations of those on the platform. The platform is large enough to allow interested invited people to come in their thousands.

Members are also kept up to date with the events of the Blockchain company as they become unfolded. Members also enjoy getting to know the latest pool stats. Rubixers are allowed to make suggestions about how well to increase the level of productivity and expansion in the market at large.

Pros & Cons
  • The group is under strict rules and instructions, meaning information gotten from there can be relied upon.
  • All you need about Rubix Blockchain can be gotten from this platform.