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Bitpam CryptoCurrency & Bitcoin


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Platforms are being created daily to bring together enthusiastic investors and traders in the cryptocurrency market. Most of the platforms are on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and lots more. Most of the platforms are opened while some are not. Many of these sites, however, have lots of limiting factors, from the inability to expand to not being able to thoroughly scrutinize members. This has caused some cryptocurrency groups to look for a better and more preferable social site where they can build their platforms on and enjoy better. They eventually found Discord.

Discord is a gaming chat zone, designed for gamers to keep up with communicating by sharing texts, pictures, and voice notes. Many cryptocurrency channels have found Discord pretty useful and have decided to migrate to it, one of these is Bitpam Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

Bitpam Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is one of the largest crypto groups on Discord at this time with close to ten thousand subscribers. The channel is designed to keep a family of crypto enthusiasts who can freely talk about investment, trading, and mining, thus lending themselves lots of knowledge in other to get better in the niche.

This is a platform not open to everyone, you have to be invited by the link. Once you join this platform, you are welcome with the basic rules and regulations guiding the page. Anyone who flouts these rules will be kicked out appropriately. You are only permitted to join in trending discussions and send your comments in case you have any. Other tags already discussed can also be read both online and offline.

There is a category where FAQs for beginners usually are, basic questions that cross the heart of crypto beginners are answered. The platform also encourages its members to ask questions by creating a section for that.

Pros & Cons
  • The platform is opened to anyone who can abide by the rules.
  • Questions can be asked and appropriate answers are usually given.