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Lets Talk Bitcoin


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The Let's Talk Bitcoin (LTB) podcast is a cryptocurrency podcast which has over 350 episodes. It is part of the LTB network and the podcast is released twice daily. The LTB network is a publishing platform which contains a host of other content such as other podcasts. Other podcasts which are part of the network include The Bitcoin Game, Epicenter Bitcoin, and The Ether Review. Adam Levine is the main host of the LTB podcast and the LTB network was mainly created from the original work which was completed by Levine on the LTB podcast. Other hosts of the podcast have included Stephanie Murphy, Jonathan Mohan, and Andrea Antonopoulos. The podcasts discuss a wide variety of topics which includes the economics, technology, and social matters surrounding cryptocurrency.

The podcast has been in existence since 2013 giving it one of the longest histories for cryptocurrency podcasts. There are archives going right back to the first episodes, which provide listeners with a long history of content to delve in to.

The LTB network has over 25,000 members on its Twitter page. The Reddit has over 550 subscribers. The Soundcloud page for the podcast has over 7,800 subscribers. The LTB network also has its own cryptocurrency, the LTBCOIN.

Pros & Cons
  • One of the podcasts with the longest histories
  • In existence since 2013
  • Large following
  • Created the LTB network
  • Beginners may be overwhelmed by the vast amount of information in the LTB network