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Monero.How made me WOW!

Immediately entering the site, you are blasted with information on every centimeter of your screen.

Latest Monero/USD price in the top left corner, Monero.How Guide index in the center, social media corner up in the right, transactions per hour right under the social media corner, Monero official wallet download guide under the lastest price, monthly transaction chart under that, transaction fees paid on the right side under transactions per house….

Get the point?

This site, although incredibly informative about Monero, is a bit overwhelming.


- Latest price graph

- Monero tutorials

- Transactions per hour chart

- Monthly transaction count chart

- Transaction fee data charts

- Trading volume data chart

- List of XMR exchanges

- Direct purchase monero website list

- USD/XMR exchange rate chart

- Market capitalization data hub

- XMR/BTC exchange chart

- Official links for all things Monero

- Tools/misc section

- Gaming with Monero

- Monero mining software

- Monero wallets

- Various links to Monero price charts

- Where to spend data hub

- List of easy to convert BTC/XMR list

- Plethora of video and podcast links regarding Monero

- Technical monero papers.

- Monero FAQS

- Monero website widgets

- Monero news fetcher

- International fiat conversation chart

- Developer API’s

- Monero Mining pools and data


Pros & Cons
  • Seriously, if you need anything related to Monero, go ahead and comb through this website and you will for sure find it.
  • The mining data is incredibly helpful as Monero is a very popular coin to be mined.
  • It’s a little overwhelming upon first entering the site. They could have probably done a better job displaying data had they portioned the site into different sections