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They claim to be a cryptocurrency miners’ best friend and I could see how they come to that conclusion. The website offers several mining tools as well as crypto currency converters.

This site is really simple to use but lacks features I have found in other cryptocurrency mining-based websites.


- GPU profitability comparison

o Helps you determine the most profitable coins to mine with a specific GPU mining rig.

- Ethereum Mining Profitability Calculator.

o This calculator helps the miner identify the profitability of any mining rig set up for ETH with advanced break-even analysis.

- Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculator

o This calculator helps the miner identify the profitability of any mining rig set up for BTC with advanced break-even analysis.

- Currency Converters

o Easy to use converters that implement real time stats from various markets between any two currency pairs, including several different fiat currencies.

Pros & Cons
  • This site is jam packed with features a miner would greatly benefit from.
  • It could really be a miner’s best friend like they claim.
  • The site offers calculators in most major altcoins
  • There are better cryptocurrency mining tool website available.
  • The site offers less altcoins then other tools available.