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99bitcoins - Bitcoin Mining Calculator Review

99bitcoins - Bitcoin Mining Calculator


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I got 99 problems and a bitcoin aint one! Or is it? Yeah, you’re right. It’s actually 97 of my 99 problems. Luckily 99bitcoins.com has nothing to do with my problems though and can actually solve a few of yours if you’re into mining cryptocurrencies.

99bitcoins.com was designed to be a super simple and easy to use Bitcoin mining calculator that will help users to determine the profitably of their specific mining rig. It computes most mining costs such as hardware, electricity, and various fees.

What’s nice about this website is its ease of use and informative writing. They really try and teach users anything they can crypto related at every step in this website.

Unfortunately, Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency and it would appear that USD is the only fiat available to compute. This puts 99bitcoins mining tool at a massive disadvantage to most other mining sights and isn’t very helpful in determining which coins are profitable to mine.

Pros & Cons
  • The site is easy to use.
  • It is ran by people that truly love mining and really care about crypto.
  • This site is perfect for someone who is new to cryptocurrency and is simply curious to read and experiment with the calculator.
  • This site is outdated. There are far more advanced calculators available now which renders this one virtually useless for any real mining applications.
  • It only allows for USD/BTC calculations.
  • There are a few minor grammar mistakes. Not a huge deal but indicative of low sight maintenance and credibility.