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Hashlists Review: Best cloud mining platform

If you have heard about the term “cloud mining,” you may already know the explosive profit potential for mining cryptocurrencies online. But like most people, you may be unable to actually invest in cloud mining because of the insanely expensive gadgets and electricity required.

Aside from the financial investment, you also have to put in hours of your day tracking your investment and managing the gadgets. This is why most people give up on could mining as a passive income.

But what if you can actually make a steady profit daily from mining cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and LTC without buying the expensive gadgets. Heck, even a century-old PC can do this (sarcasm spotted).

Let me introduce you to, the innovative and simplified cloud mining platform for everyone. This article will cover everything from how to sign up on hashlists, select the right investment plan, and deposit and withdraw profit. Let’s go!!!

About Hashlists

Hashlist’s mission is to level the playing ground among crypto investors. The company believes that everyone should be able to acquire and earn a living with cryptocurrency easily and fast, without breaking the bank. That is why it is making cryptocurrency mining an easy, smart, and rewarding experience for all. is a London-based and globally accessible cloud mining platform. The company is made up of forward-thinking crypto intellectuals who want to make cryptocurrency everyone’s currency.

Hashlist’s data center is located in Kazakhstan, Myanmar, and Iceland. According to information from trusted sites, Hashlists is also the first firm in the world to be awarded a 5-year license by the Kazakhstan government to assist with land lease and exploitation.

What does Hashlists do?

Hashlists is engaged in cloud mining provision while using the technology developed by experts in the IT and cryptocurrencies field. The main product idea of a regulated mining company is a practical disparate computing resources appliance. We tend to unite investors, including newcomers, on a single platform. Our customer's trust is based on apparent evidence: they honestly get their daily income.

How does work? allows you to earn passive income with cloud mining. An innovation in simplicity, a specially simplified cloud mining platform provides exceptional service and cryptocurrency mining for clients without skill or equipment.

Users do not need any special hardware or software or even have a computer to continue cloud mining. All a user has to do is pay the mining contract, sit back, and earn daily profits. During the whole process, the user does not need anything else.

Firstly, users must register on the platform to get started. Read the following section to learn how to register on Hashlists.

After the registration, you will buy any crypto mining plans, which we have also explained in the following sections. Each plan has a specific percentage profit you can expect after several days (typically between 1 to 60days).

When you purchase the plan, the mining and hardware component on will process your request and connect your investment to the mining pool where the selected crypto is mined over a period.

Lastly, the expected profit and initial investment are paid out to your balance, where you can withdraw instantly.

Pros of

A registered and licensed platform

Hashlists is also the only company in the world that has been granted a license to support land lease and exploitation by the Kazakhstan government within 5 years. With Hashlists cloud mining, you can invest as little as possible with a 100% chance of making profits.

Sign up bonus

You will earn an $8 sign up bonus when you register on

Multiple investment tiers

On Hashlists, everyone has the opportunity to make passive income without heavy investment in mining machines or extensive crypto knowledge. That is why the website features different investment tiers where users can invest between $8 and $6,500.

A simple interface

There is nothing complicated about the Hashlists website. As a complete beginner and crypto noob, you can buy investment plans, deposit, withdraw and manage your account from a straightforward dashboard: no market charts or graphs. Just invest and come back later.

Multi-language access

Users can access the Hashlist website in 8 languages, including English, German, French, and Portuguese.

Trusted partners

According to information on the Website, partners with trusted partners and industry leaders like Google, Binance, Yahoo Finance, Youtube, etc.

No management or deposit fees

You need to pay any initial fees, transaction fees, or management fees to invest on This is why has the lowest risk among other cloud mining platforms today.

24-hour service never sleeps. You can deposit, buy plans and withdraw any time of the day. And so is the customer support too.

Daily payments and instant withdrawal

On Hashlists, investors earn daily. And they can withdraw their earnings as soon as it reaches the maturity period. For instance, the $8 free plan’s profit is paid out after 24 hours. Once the balance crosses $100, you can withdraw instantly.

Insurance is given to every investment

You are guaranteed to earn your initial capital back for every investment plan your purchase. For example, if you buy the $100 plan, you can rest assured that you will also get your $100 investment back aside from the profit. Therefore, your total return amounts to $105.

Transaction ranking list has a ranking list on the website where the latest payouts are ranked according to volume. This is done to increase trust and transparency among users.

Cons of

Only crypto deposits are allowed.

You cannot deposit FIAT currencies via Paypal or credit card. Crypto investors who are used to other crypto platforms like Cex may find this uncomfortable.

Limit cryptocurrencies

Hashlists' investment plans cover only 7 cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH and Doge.

Minimum deposit

Aside from the free $8 deposited to your balance when you sign in, you cannot deposit less than $100 on Therefore, the platform is best suited to investors with a deep pocket. However, investors with limited funds can bump up their balance with the referral bonus.

Minimum withdrawal limit

The minimum withdrawal on Hashlists is $100. This is really not a problem for large investors because their total payout is higher than this limit. However, if you only invest in the daily $8 plan, it may take some time before you can reach the withdrawal limit.

How to get started on

  • Click on “Register” at the top-right corner of the navigation bar

  • Fill the short bio-data form with the following information:

    • Email address

    • Password

    • Invitation code (if you have one)

  • Check the box to agree with the terms and conditions

  • Complete the Captcha verification

After completing the registration, your dashboard will open on the next page with a balance of 8 USD. You do need any KYC or email verification.

Hashlists investment tiers, choosing the right plan.

Hashlists investment plans cost as low as $8 and as high as $6500. Use the following detailed description of each plan to choose the right one:

● BTC Mining

This plan is specifically for cloud mining BTC. If you are more interested in the Bitcoin project, you can select this plan. It costs a $2500 investment for a profit of $1350 within 25 days. The total return is $3850

● Daily free experience plan

You can purchase this plan with the free $8 sign-up bonus. So the plan costs $8 for a $0.8 profit and a total of $8.8 in return.

● LTC Mining

This plan is for Litecoin only. You will pay $100 to make a profit of $5.4 in three days and get a total return of $105.4.

● ETH Mining

This Ethereum plan costs $540 for a profit of $75.6 and a total return of $615.6 after 7 days.

● DASH Mining

You will purchase this plan for $800 for a profit of $168 and earn $968 in total return. The maturity period is 10 days.

● FIL Mining

This plan is sold at $4000 for a profit of $3300 and a total return of $7300 after 40 days.

● DOGE Mining

Buy the DOG Coin plan for $6500 and make $8200.4 and $14.700.4 in total return after 60 days.

● ETC Mining

ETC mining on Hashlists cost $8,500. The plan will make you profit $14,025 and $22,525 in total ROI after 75 days.

How to buy plans

You can buy the plan with the 8USD bonus in your balance of deposit some money to buy a larger plan. To buy a plan, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your account

  • On the dashboard, click “Buy Plans.”

  • Review the different plans. Be sure to check the following details

    • Term days: The duration of the plan from investment to payout

    • Fixed return: Confirm if the plan has a fixed return feature

    • Profit (the amount you will earn on top of your investment capital)

    • Pricing (the amount you will invest)

    • Total return (total of your fixed return and profit)

  • Click the “Buy now” button below your preferred plan

  • Read the detailed description of the plan on the next page

  • Select the number of plans you wish to purchase. For example, you can buy a 3x $8 plan.

  • Review your order

  • Click “purchase” to complete the order.

After the purchase, you check whether your dashboard is updated. If the dashboard is updated, you will see that you now have 1 active order. In the “All” section, you will 1- the number of active orders. This shows that you can now expect your profit within the plan’s duration.

How to deposit on

When you need to buy a plan larger than the $8 plan explained above, you will have to bump up your balance with the price of the preferred investment plan. Here is how:

  • Go to your account dashboard

  • Click “Deposit”

  • Select the preferred payment method. Only crypto deposits are allowed on You can select from the following.

    • USDT-TRC20

    • LTC

    • BTC

    • ETH

    • USDC

    • HASH

    • DASH

    • BCH

    • XRP

    • USDT-ERC20

  • Enter the deposit USD amount. The minimum deposit is 100USD

  • Scan the QR code on the pop-up screen to confirm the deposit.

Hashlists referral program explained

On top of the free $8 sign-up bonus, you can also earn a 3% referral commission when you invite your friends and family to invest on This means that you can actually increase your earnings without initially spending a dime on Hashlists. For example, if someone purchases a $100 order using your referral code, you'll get $3 for free. And there is no cap on the number of people you can invite.

To start referring people, sign in to your Hashlists account and click “My referrals” on the left panel. Copy the referral link and share it with your audience on social media or on your website.

Interestingly, you can also track your referral earnings in real-time because Hashlists updates your referral activity in the “Your partners” section on the website. This section shows you the username of the person who used your referral link and the time they made a deposit.

Frequently asked questions

Does Hashlists have KYC?

No KYC is required to register and invest on Hashlists.

How long to earn on Hashlists

Hashlists payout typically takes between 1 and 60 days, depending on the investment tier purchased. If you are in doubt, check the expiration date in the order details. To do that, go to your account, navigate to order details, and scroll to the end to see the expiration date.

How many cryptos can you mine on Hashlists?

Hashlists has a limited number of crypto. The list includes:

  • LTC

  • BTC

  • ETH

  • DASH

  • ETC

  • DOGE

  • FIL

Can you really make money on Hashlists? is a legit and trusted cloud mining platform with a 100% profitability rate. While you are guaranteed profit you will also NEVER lose your initial capital.

Does Hashlists take FIAT deposits?

No, Hashlists does not support FIAT deposits at the moment. You cannot pay with PAYPAL or Credit cards. The website only supports cryptocurrency payments from the following coins: BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, DASH, BCH, and XRP.

What is the withdrawal fee? does not charge any withdrawal, deposit, maintenance, or transaction fees. However, the blockchain processing your deposit or withdrawal may charge a deposit or withdrawal fee. Withdrawal charges for each coin are as follows:

  • ETH: 0.004 ETH

  • USDC: 10 USDC


  • BTC : 0.0004 BTC

  • DASH: 0.002 DASH

  • LTC : 0.001LTC

  • BCH: 0.0001 BCH

NB: Charges associated with coins like USDT and LTC are <= $1

Does have an app? does not have an app, so beware of scammers. Everything you need to invest and make passive income with Hashlists can be done on the website.

Pros & Cons
  • A registered and licensed platform
  • Sign up bonus
  • Multiple investment tiers
  • A simple interface
  • Multi-language access
  • Trusted partners
  • No management or deposit fees
  • 24-hour service
  • Daily payments and instant withdrawal
  • Insurance is given to every investment
  • Transaction ranking list
  • Only crypto deposits are allowed.
  • Limit cryptocurrencies
  • Minimum deposit
  • Minimum withdrawal limit