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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

by Nate Urbas

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Site Rank: 2 Review 2023: Pros, Cons and How to get started

Whether you're just getting started in the crypto world or have been investing for a while, there are many ways to get involved.

A good way is by taking advantage of free coins that companies distribute through airdrops. These can range from fairly easy tasks like joining their Telegram group and reposting on Twitter to simply holding the specific coin for a period. 

The result? A win-win situation for you and the company. Free marketing for them. Free crypto for you. 

If you are looking for a great place to harvest free airdrops to boost your portfolio, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will learn about, what the website is about, the pros and cons, and how to get started. 

What is is a free website that collects information about crypto airdrops. It is free to use and has no involvement in the airdrop projects or distribution whatsoever. 

The domain is 1 year and two months old, but the site's activity began only in March 2018. Since then, more than 20k airdrop enthusiasts have visited the website each month. 

The website has a huge volume of airdrops on its page. And while its creators strive to provide you with accurate data on offer, it is important that you do your research before investing in any airdrop. 

How does work

Once you arrive on the website, you will find an airdrop directory that features all available airdrops. The airdrops are divided into three groups: 

  • The hottest group offers the most popular and anticipated tokens.

  • The latest group lists new arrivals that may be worth checking out if you missed them earlier or want something on sale before anyone else gets it.

  • The Exclusive group spotlight collectibles are only available through this promotion. 

The main page provides basic information about each drop, including name/ estimated value and requirements for claiming the airdrop. Clicking on an airdrop in the directory takes you to a page with information about all of the current projects, and you can be involved. The page also contains:

  • A step-by-step guide to claiming the airdrop.

  • A link to join the campaign.

  • A downloadable whitepaper. 

Overall, helps you find the right links to the airdrop forms. It is a great way to skip the usual ads and redirect to other websites. has four categories of airdrops: 

These types of airdrops are explained below. 

How to claim Holder airdrop on

As the name suggests, holder airdrops are provided to wallet users for holding particular cryptocurrencies. They are usually popular ones like Bitcoin or Ether.

On the Holder airdrop page, you will find a list of projects currently distributing free tokens to their holders.

You will filter the page according to the crypto you hold. The crypto projects you can select include:

  • Bitcoin

  • Ethereum

  • Luna

  • Atom

  • XRP

  • Solo

  • EOS

The next page will show you a list of projects listed under the desired crypto. Click on each airdrop to see the list of requirements to claim the airdrop. 

How to claim Potential Retroactive DeFi Airdrops 

Let's say you've missed out on an initial airdrop campaign, like Uniswap, that later went huge, and you're having a red face moment. helps give you a second chance. This is how it works…

  • speculates on DeFi projects that do not have a token yet to know the chances of introducing one in the future. 

  • The platform then lists the collection of projects it thinks will be worth your time.

  •  Clicking a specific airdrop will take you to a page where you will learn about the project, the community vote, and how to stand a chance to claim it. 

For instance, when it listed Drift Protocol last year, it was based on the official announcement from the project creators that a token was in the works. So, what you have to do is follow the instructions and wait. 

Typically, claiming most potential airdrops requires the following steps:

  • Visit the official website of the project

  • Connect your wallet (each project requires a specific wallet)

  • Carry out an action such as making a swap or trade.

  • Confirm the actions.

That way, you qualify for the airdrop. 

While many users have benefited from this opportunity, warns that it is purely speculative. They do not know certainly that an airdrop will come, so do not be heavily invested in it. 

How to claim NFT Airdrops on

Non-fungible tokens are a new and exciting way to store value on the blockchain. These unique assets can be anything from artwork, images, or other digital files that would otherwise not have any individualized version without this technology. lists a collection of new projects and artists that drop NFTs for free. We also see a lot of new projects and artists that decide to airdrop NFTs for free. 

In 2021, listed EverFight- a platform that allows gamers to use cryptocurrencies to play online minigames distributed $2,000 BUSD & $80,000 NFTs to participants who complete simple social tasks. 

All they had to is to fill the airdrop form on the official website, join the telegram and Twitter, retweet a few tweets using specific hashtags, and refer friends. After that, users submit their BSC wallet, and the first participants get 2 BUSD each. 

How to claim Exclusive Airdrops 

Exclusive airdrops are hosted and managed by And you can contact the admins if you want them to host your airdrops. No real difference. 

To claim exclusive airdrops, go to the exclusive page and select any airdrop you like. Follow the instructions to stand a chance. The instructions are usually the same as other airdrops; follow the project on telegram, retweet, share, etc.

When listed ImmVRse, a blockchain-based decentralized project that uses VR for content sharing, shortlisted participants got 30 IMV tokens each and 15 for inviting friends. 

So, it's great to keep tabs on as there is no limit to how many free airdrops you can claim. The website is updated frequently, so there is always something fresh. 

Pros and Cons of


Multiple Airdrop categories provides a great list of all the recent airdrops divided into Hot, Recent, and Exclusive. It looks good and allows visitors to rate airdrops. 

Airdrop alerts

Airdrops are often distributed within a specific period. You will miss out if you do not join the waiting list when the airdrop is active. helps its users stay in the know as soon as an airdrop goes live. You can even track an airdrop in the "potential" category, where you learn everything about it before it launches. 

Airdrops may be free and easy to get, but encourages its users to treat it like a real business with the Airdrop alerts. 


Trust and transparency are the keys to successful crypto trading on the internet. reinforces these qualities in all aspects. 

The website has a separate page where it guides users on safe transactions. The section warns users not to use a weak password send ETH or BTC to any airdrops (Airdrops are supposed to be totally FREE). 

Similarly, the website also enables users to download airdrop's white paper for almost all the projects listed. That way, you will know if a project is genuine and has great potential before investing. 

Donate to charity is a free place to get airdrops. You do not pay any fee to use the website. But you can donate to charity if you are that kind of person. 

This is a great feature on the website because it shows that they are willing to give back to society. You can donate via ETH or BTC. 

Airdrop Rating

Unlike other airdrops, lets you rate all of the different projects in order from "hottest" to "coldest." You can see what people are voting for and why they've chosen that particular path by looking at their voted ratings - degrees Celsius next to each project name on the Airdrop page.


Limited information about the founders

Information about the founders, creators, and affiliated partners of is not available at the moment. Crypto enthusiasts love to know the face and brains behind a crypto website. 

While this is a significant consent, we understand that is referenced in many websites with high domains as a credible place to find free airdrops. 

Some of the Airdrops require KYC.

Some of the airdrops listed on require you to identify yourself via a KYC or Know Your Customer, which some crypto lovers may find stressful to do for the sake of airdrop. 

How to claim airdrops on

The process of claiming airdrops on differs according to the type of airdrop or the project. Here are some examples of methods to claim airdrops on

Holder Airdrop method

A holder airdrop is deposited into your wallet automatically since you have participated in a previous campaign from that project. 

Snapshot-based method

Snapshots record the state of a blockchain on a particular block height at a given time. 

Among the things it records is the information of token holders at a specific time.

For airdrops, this means that only users who hold the required token during the snapshot can claim airdrops from that project. 

A typical example is the case of Byteball. In the initial campaign, Byteball was distributed to people who held Bitcoin in their wallets. 

So, when the next airdrop came around, they deposited an amount of Byteballs based on the number of BTC/GBYTE the users held in their accounts. That's about snapshots. 

Bounty Airdrop method

Bounty airdrops are another way to get free crypto on You will likely need an active social media account, like Facebook or Twitter, for taking part in bounty airdrops - but it's worth checking out.

You should have a account, too! As part of the bounty program, you will need to post proof that your coins belong in these threads on various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter - but don't worry; it's not hard at all (just remember what we said about security).

You will often need to fill out a form with your usernames and wallet address once you've completed the steps of reserving rewards.

How hard forks work on

Hard forks are a way for cryptocurrencies to split into two separate currencies. This strategy became popular in 2017 when Bitcoin Cash was created from bitcoin. 

It's been seen that this type of action can bring attention or value to new coins, which might otherwise be overlooked by investors if they don't have any projects going on just yet. 

However, users are warned to claim forks with a private key of an empty wallet since cannot verify the legitimacy of hard forks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why don't I receive my airdrop?

You may be unable to receive your airdrop for many reasons. Firstly, and probably the most common reason you will not receive an airdrop is if you do not complete all the required steps. This is why you need to take your time and read the guides thoroughly. 

Even if you join the telegram group only to leave later or delete your Twitter post, it counts as not completing the requirement, and you will be disqualified. 

Secondly, if you're having trouble with missing airdrops, make sure to check if it's because of trying to claim multiple times or not having enough Twitter/Facebook friends. If so, then just wait until your social media is more public before attempting another attempt at claiming an airdrop. 

When will I receive my airdrop?

Some airdrops are distributed after the conclusion of an initial offering. This prevents bounty collectors from distributing them too early, which often results in higher prices before everyone else has gotten their hands on them. 

You are advised to always contact the admin on telegram or Twitter if you have questions about a specific project. 

Pros & Cons
  • Multiple Airdrop categories
  • Airdrop alerts
  • Transparency
  • Donate to charity
  • Airdrop Rating
  • Limited information about the founders
  • Some of the Airdrops require KYC