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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

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Airdrop Alert

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(7 reviews)
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Airdropalert Website Review

Airdropalert is essentially a website specifically tailored towards providing users access to alerts in regards to any airdrops which might be occurring that are featured on the website, as the name might imply.

An airdrop is typically a free token distribution method where users specifically need to follow some steps as a means of receiving the tokens.

These could include things along the lines of following social media accounts, or simply providing their public key, after which they can become eligible to actually receive the airdrop which has taken place.

Airdropalert, as per the name, essentially fills the role of alerting its users about any new airdrops, so let’s dive in and go over everything the website might provide.

Airdropalert Website

From the very second you visit the Airdropalert website, you are greeted by a plethora of information in an instant.

While this information might be a bit overwhelming at first, especially if this is your first time visiting such a website, having all of this information visible from a single screen can play an essential role for airdrop hunters who might want to get in on the action within an airdrop as early as possible.

Due to the fact that they essentially have all of the information available in front of them at an instant, this essentially means that they can view all of the information quickly and efficiently.

That said, on the top bar, you will find the numerous social media channels for the Airdropalert website, such as Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Reddit pages. On the opposite side, you will be able to find a search bar, a login button, and a Sign Up Free button.

Once you click on Sign Up, you will be redirected to another screen where you can essentially just type in your email and set a password, or you can additionally create an account with Google, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn instantly.

This makes the overall Sign up process extremely streamlined and can play an essential role in making the website as user-friendly as possible.

Right under that bar, you will be greeted by the navigation bar. Here, you have buttons on the left side of the screen, including "List my Airdrop" and "More Services."

Additionally, you have:

  • Airdrops – this is split across multiple pages and includes: DeFi Airdrops, NFT Airdrops, New Airdrops, Featured Airdrops, Exclusive Airdrops, Upcoming Airdrops, Past Airdrops, Crypto Airdrops coin prices, Airdrop Dashboard, and More ways to Earn crypto.

  • Earn – this is split across multiple pages and includes: Earn crypto, 11 Tricks to Earn Cryptocurrency, Earn with NFTs, Earn with DeFi, Learn & Earn programs, Affiliate Programs, Liquidity mining, Play & Earn, and Airdrops & Bounties differences.

  • News – this is split across multiple pages, including Trending crypto news, Airdrops news, ICO reviews, Blockchain Guides, Crypto Guides, Short crypto updates, and Blogs Home Page.

  • FAQ – this is the frequently asked questions category and provides you with access to multiple pages, including Knowledge Base, What are crypto airdrops, Difference between Apple Airdrop & Crypto Airdrop, Airdrop starter kit, Create an Ethereum wallet, How to secure yourself online, Private keys explained and Why do projects give free tokens?.

Alongside all of this information, on the rights die of the navigation bar, you have a live feed of the value of three cryptocurrency tokens, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Dogecoin (DOGE), with a "more" button on the side of the screen that will take you to other cryptocurrency tokens listed here.

On the middle of the screen, you can then view a welcome message, saying, "Earn crypto & join the best airdrops, giveaways, and more!”.

Underneath that, you will see the main airdrop listed, and underneath that, there are multiple airdrop categories available.

These include:

  • Featured Airdrops

  • New Airdrops

  • Sponsored Airdrops

  • DeFi Airdrops

  • Earn Crypto

And next to all of them you will be able to view the new articles.

By clicking on any single one of the airdrops, you will be able to see a lot more information about the project. This includes information about how you can join the airdrop, including the tokens per airdrop, tokens per referral, and the airdrop end date.

You will also view a list of the requirements which need to be fulfilled before you can earn free crypto coins.

The excellent addition here is the fact that there is a Step-by-Step guide on how you can do this, which means that even if you are a complete beginner, you can essentially follow the steps and complete this process within the span of just a few minutes.

Note that there is a list of the restricted countries from an airdrop as well, assuming there are any, as well as a disclaimer.

Underneath all of that, you will be able to easily find the Weekly airdrops newsletter. Here, you will be able to enter your name as well as your email address and subscribe, where you will become a part of the 400,000 other subscribers and get up to date on any airdrops or giveaways regularly.

Underneath this portion of the page, you will also see the news feed. Here, you can read up on some of the latest articles posted on Airdropalert.

Then, there's a scroll bar that showcases the publications, as well as access to the most frequently asked questions regarding Airdropalert or the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

At the very bottom of the page, right over the footer, you will also find the partners with which Airdropalert works, and on the footer of the page, you will find a bit more information about the company as well.

Overall, it is an extremely simple-to-use and functional website that showcases everything a user might be required to know prior to even engaging with an airdrop. Its design is simple from the very start; however, this is intentional as the website is quick to load, and any user will get instantaneous access to all of the information they actually need.

Airdropalert History

Airdropalert is a website that was initially created in 2017. Its main goal was to raise awareness to the cryptocurrency community regarding any airdrops, and the main goal of the website is to make it easy for everyone to understand how airdrops work and how they can claim them.

Airdropalert Functionality

The site handles information in regards to the currently active airdrops, or any airdrops which have already taken place, and those which are anticipated to take place in the near future.

The page also provides each user with details regarding where the airdrop will take place, and the main goal and functionality of the website is to give the user information on how the crypto community members can actually legitimately collect free cryptocurrencies with ease.

Airdrops are essentially free cryptocurrency tokens that are given out to participants that follow specific tasks linked with the airdrop. Each airdrop will typically feature its own set of steps that need to be completed in order for the end-user to be eligible to receive the tokens from that specific airdrop.

They will typically occur prior to the token generation process, however, and many projects will utilize airdrops as a means of gaining a heightened level of social media exposure, which is essentially a marketing method for putting out the message that their project is about to go live.

This occurs mainly due to the fact that the main goal of a new cryptocurrency project is to create awareness and, in turn, attract new potential investors for their upcoming tokens. This is a task that typically revolves around sharing and linking posts through the utilization of different social media channels; this is why you will find that each project that’s listed on Airdropalert typically features many different social media channels.

However, aside from having airdrops, Airdropalert also provides users with access to what is known as crypto bounties.

These crypto bounties are essentially jobs, tasks, or campaigns that a user has to complete in order for them to actually earn the native token of the blockchain start-up that they are interested in.

These tasks will typically be quick to complete and will not involve any sort of coding for their completion. The work which typically needs to be done here is to assist in the process of marketing, brand recognition, workload, exposure, and the improvement of the quality of the projects.

Some of the most common bounty programs will require things such as signature campaigns on forums, blog or video content, translation campaigns, social media campaigns, or even bug bounties.

In any case, once a user manages to truly complete all of the tasks which are required, they will become eligible to receive the reward from that specific airdrop.

However, keep in mind that the amount required to be received from the end-user will not instantaneously be transferred to the user; the airdrop end date is what dictates when the user can expect to receive the crypto from the airdrop that they worked so hard on getting.

Pros and Cons of Airdropalert

Airdropalert Pros

  • Simple to use website that showcases all required information.

  • Easy to understand how every function of the website works.

  • Multiple airdrop categories, which you can select.

  • An interesting earn program.

Airdropalert Cons

  • You cannot really organize airdrops or search based on specific things you are looking for.

  • There aren't as many airdrops listed as other similar websites.

The Bottom Line

With all of that in mind, Airdropalert is a solid platform that offers airdrop and bounty hunters access to information about many of the latest airdrops which take place within the crypto world.

Its simple user interface, as well as its design, is excellent, and the news section, alongside the educational content featured on the website, makes it an excellent destination for newcomers who might be interested in pursuing airdrops for the very first time.

However, the website is also extremely simple in terms of design, which does have the benefit of making it easy to use; however, it does lack fancy animations. That said, it more than makes up for it with its minimalistic material design, which features vibrant colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cryptocurrency airdrop?

A cryptocurrency airdrop occurs at a point in time when a new blockchain and cryptocurrency project starts.

This project will typically give away their coins to community members for free, and these token giveaways are, in turn, called crypto airdrops. They are used as a marketing strategy by many blockchain startup companies, as the process of receiving the airdrop will typically involve the person sharing the project on different social media channels.

What is an NFT airdrop?

An NFT airdrop, otherwise known as a non-fungible token airdrop, is one where you get NFTs in your wallet when a platform decides to deposit crypto for free.

These are typically newly minted NFTs for their associated platforms and are limited edition and are intended to increase the token's visibility and incentivize the onboarding process in regards to getting new users.

Why might a cryptocurrency project offer free tokens?

Through the utilization of an airdrop or bounty program, a crypto-related project can create awareness about the project as well as a token. Think of it as a marketing campaign, but within the crypto sphere.

The goal here is to create a heightened level of trust between the community as well as the project, as the users who receive the airdrops will have a direct connection with the project and might potentially become dedicated members of the overall community.

What is KYC, and why do some airdrops require it?

Some airdrops might require users to complete what is known as a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedure.

This is not the case with every single airdrop, but they are rising in terms of a requirement due to the fact that the projects behind them are concerned about upcoming regulations for cryptocurrencies, even the ones which have been airdropped. In other words, it all has to do with the future regulations of cryptocurrencies in some regions of the world.

Pros & Cons
  • Simple to use website that showcases all required information.
  • Easy to understand how every function of the website works.
  • Multiple airdrop categories, which you can select.
  • An interesting earn program.
  • Simple and to the point.
  • Easy to understand information outlining everything you need to get started with air drops.
  • Team profiles listed directly on the site.
  • Easy to use free service.
  • You cannot really organize airdrops or search based on specific things you are looking for.
  • There aren't as many airdrops listed as other similar websites.
  • Doesn’t offer a way to organize airdrops or search based on specific parameters.
  • It doesn’t look to be as expansive as some of the other air drop related websites I’ve visited have been.