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AirdropBob Website Review

AirdropBob is essentially a website specifically designed to facilitate the process of listing upcoming cryptocurrency airdrop or bounty programs. In other words, an airdrop is typically a free token distribution, where users need to follow specific steps in order to receive it. These could include following social media accounts, or providing their public key, after which they can become eligible to receive the airdrop in question.

Bounty programs typically have different kinds of tasks, where people compete for the tokens in question. AirdropBob is a website that aims to compile events that are actually worthwhile so that users of the website can be aware of any airdrop or bounty program that's taking place at any point in time.

AirdropBob Website

The AirdropBob website is easy to understand and intuitive. The moment a user decides to visit the website for the very first time, they are instantly provided with a list of cryptocurrency airdrops.

At the top of the page, you will be able to see the logo of AirdropBob, and next to it, you will be able to find the navigation bar.

This navigation bar is split across multiple categories, including:

  • Airdrops – which includes sub-pages such as Listed Projects, Exchanges, and the Airdrop Calendar.

  • List Airdrop.

On the right corner of the screen, you have the Login button as well as the create account button, and underneath them, at any point in time, you are given a live feed of the value of cryptocurrency tokens, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB) and Polkadot (DOT).

Right under that section, there is a slider menu, which showcases the top 6 airdrops that are currently taking place.

Under that menu, the top 3 slots are reserved for the sponsored airdrops. Note that at the very top of the list, there is an "Advanced Filters" menu. This menu will allow you to set specific parameters, including:

  • Airdrop Status – here, you are given the option to select between active, closed, and reward paid.

  • Blockchain – here, you are given the option to select Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, or Other.

  • Social Media Channels – this allows you to filter out Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

  • Extras – this gives you the option to filter out Know-your-Customer (KYC), Coingecko Listed, or Referral included.

  • Type – this lets you select the type you are looking for and includes an airdrop, bounty, holder, faucet, promo, and competition option.

  • Sort By – here, you can sort the results by the newest first, the top-rated, or the ones ending soon.

You also have an “Apply filters” and “Reset Filters” button.

When you scroll down throughout the list of projects, you will be showcased clear information about the rewards, airdrop pool, B2M, approximated value, or any other stat that the project in question deems worthwhile.

You will also see the reward for the winners and which tasks need to be fulfilled.

Under each one of these airdrops, you will be given clear information about its status, for example, "Active," and how many days are left for it to be completed, as well as the referral link, assuming it has one.

There is also a 5-star system, where every single project is ranked.

Then on the bottom, you will see a list of all the pages available that feature airdrops.

Under the airdrops, you will see some stats about the AirdropBob website, which include the listed airdrops, how many of them are active, and which token standard is dominant.

For example, at the time of writing, there are 647 Listed Airdrops, out of which 44 are active, and there is an ERC-20 token standard dominance of 65.07%.

Under that menu, you are given access to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, where you can read up on everything you need to know about the website.

Then at the very bottom of the page, you will see the partner list, which includes CoinGecko, Airdrop Alert, and Blockpit.

Then there’s the footer menu, some useful links, and the social media channels available.

AirdropBob History

AirdropBob is a high-authority website that is well-known and has a solid reputation as well as safety. The domain name was originally registered on April 16, 2018, and has a valid HTTPS connection.

This gives us an indication that AirdropBob has been on the market for quite a few years, and it has managed to stand the test of time and provide thousands of airdrop seekers access to all of the latest and most-active airdrops within the crypto industry.

AirdropBob Functionality

The main functionality behind AirdropBob is to essentially enable its users’ access to the latest airdrops or bounty programs out there within the cryptocurrency industry.

However, to truly understand all of its functions, we will need to go over what airdrops actually are.

These are free cryptocurrency tokens, which are given out to participants that follow the specific tasks listed within the airdrop in question. They will typically occur prior to the token generation events, and many projects will typically utilize airdrops as a means of marketing.

This is due to the fact that these projects aim to create awareness and are interested in attracting new investors for their upcoming tokens. However, this task typically revolves around sharing and linking posts on users' social media channels, which ultimately raises awareness and creates a user base that can positively impact the token's value throughout a specific time period.

Participation Process

AirdropBob’s main functionality as a website is to give projects the ability to list their airdrops on it and the possibility for users to gain access to the latest and greatest airdrops that have been listed.

For many of these airdrops, however, users are required to have different social media accounts and at least a single Ethereum wallet as a means of participating within them.

As established by the token dominance statistic, the most common wallet which is required for these airdrops is an Ethereum wallet, as a majority of them are ERC-20 based tokens. Additionally, most of these airdrops typically required Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook tasks, such as joining a channel, for example, or linking and retweeting a certain post.

Getting Cryptocurrency Rewards

Once all of the activities are completed and a user is eligible to truly receive the reward in question, all they really have to do is wait a pre-specified time period before the cryptocurrencies are delivered to them. This is a process that, on average, will take about three to six months until the tokens arrive at the cryptocurrency wallet of the user. The main reason why this takes such a long time is due to the fact that these airdrop activities take place prior to the token generation event, which typically has a pre-set date on when it occurs.

Note that if there is not a delivery date set on the AirdropBob website, then it is advisable that users individually check their wallets and look out for any announcements. However, one of AirdropBob’s main functions is the fact that it informs users about all of the airdrops they have participated in and regularly gives users an update on when the process will occur.

In this case, all a user has to do is mark the airdrops that they have participated in as their "favorite" and leave the rest to the AirdropBob website.

AirdropBob also aims to only list legitimate, as well as genuine airdrops; however, it advises its users to keep in mind that mistakes can occasionally happen, with just about anything out there, and that the website takes no responsibility for any problems or losses which might occur due to a scam, or inaccurate information. This is why the website advises users to never share their private keys and never send money or tokens for an airdrop.

The AirdropBob star rating system

Under every single project that a user views on the AirdropBob website, there is a star rating system, which can range from 1 star to a maximum of 5 stars. This system plays a major role within the functionality of AirdropBob.

Before any project gets listed within the website, there are many things that are checked as a means of making it as easy as possible for the users of the AirdropBob website to recognize good projects quickly and efficiently.

These factors which are checked include what the website looks like in general, what kind of social media activity is available, the availability of the whitepaper, and information about the team, alongside an analysis of the timeline, is feasible, and if a roadmap is available.

To make this extremely easy to understand by any user, AirdropBob implements a 5-star rating system, which at a glance, showcases how the project is classified. Do not mistake these stars as investment advice; however, as they are not, they are just an assessment of the projects made by AirdropBob.

  • The 1-star projects are typically scam projects, and this is a rating that will never be showcased on the website as scams never get listed.

  • The 2-star projects are typically ones that do not seem 100% trustworthy and should only be joined at a user's own risk.

  • The 3-star projects are typically fine projects. However, they are missing important information, such as the token value or the white paper.

  • The 4-star projects are typically promising projects in general; the only reason as to why they would not receive one star more is due to the fact that they provide low value for a high level of effort or have some information that is missing.

  • The 5-star projects are the ones that look excellent and have all of the required information.

There is one other label showcased on the AirdropBob website, and this is the “top rating” label. Only a handful of projects will typically receive this label, and these are typically highlighted with a ribbon around the upper left corner of the screen. Only the most highly-rated projects will receive this reward.

There is another "sponsored" label as well, which is another indication that a project has put a lot of effort into its marketing campaign and aims to truly release at one point, and can be seen as another good sign.

Pros and Cons of AirdropBob

AirdropBob Pros

  • The website is easy to navigate through and understand.

  • It provides information on upcoming airdrops as well as bounty programs.

  • Some of the most common questions are displayed on the homage.

  • It's fully free and requires no deposits.

  • It features a high level of activity across different social media channels.

AirdropBob Cons

  • Aside from listing projects, the functionality is otherwise limited.

  • The filters could use a bit more categories.

The Bottom Line

Overall, AirdropBob is a website that enables any user to participate within airdrops or bounty programs, assuming that they have a cryptocurrency wallet and social media channels as a means of completing the assignments required for them to be able to receive the eventual reward. The rating system is an excellent way to quickly represent which projects are worthwhile and which ones are not, and AirdropBob does enable a few filters to help users find projects which are appealing to them. It is a solid offering; however, aside from this listing, it does not have much additional functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is AirdropBob free to use?

AirdropBob is fully free, does not require the users to make any deposits, and does not charge them.

What does the star system on AirdropBob indicate?

The star system is an indication of how legitimate a project is, based on the estimations made by AirdropBob after research is done on each project individually. Typically, the higher the stars, the more complete the project is.

Where can the airdrops be sold?

Typically, the airdrop tokens can be traded through decentralized exchanges. However, the most high-quality projects out there will have their tokens listed on centralized exchanges as well.

When does a user receive their crypto after an airdrop?

This is typically a process that can last from three to six months, mainly due to the fact that they take place prior to the token generation event.

Pros & Cons
  • The website is easy to navigate through and understand.
  • It provides information on upcoming airdrops as well as bounty programs.
  • Some of the most common questions are displayed on the homage.
  • t's fully free and requires no deposits.
  • It features a high level of activity across different social media channels.
  • Easy-to-understand and intuitive website that provides information on upcoming airdrops and bounty programs
  • Common questions are displayed on the homepage
  • The website is free-to-use
  • Active on numerous social media channels
  • Aside from listing projects, the functionality is otherwise limited.
  • The filters could use a bit more categories.