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Polkastarter is a new way to raise capital for projects on the blockchain. It's decentralized, permissionless, and interoperable with other networks that use Polkadot.

The crypto world is becoming more and more competitive. Many projects have turned to an alternative fundraising method: IDO ( crowdsale without issuing any tokens) to stay ahead in this cut-throat environment.

This technique makes it possible for startups to raise funds by selling shares rather than cryptocurrency or traditional stocks. This way, they can use investment dollars while still staying true to their core values!

With the rise in popularity, there are many different IDO platforms to choose from. This has created an easier and faster way for projects looking towards funding with retail investors by giving them more options on what they offer that particular blockchain network.

Polkastarter is a distinguished platform for funding your next big idea. With an ATH ROI and many funded projects, this IDO site has something special.

This article covers a review of, the pros and cons of Polkastarter, and how to get started.

What is Polkastarter

Polkastarter is a powerful, decentralized fundraising platform that enables projects to raise capital on blockchains like Ethereum and Binance SmartChain. The Polkastarter project was built with cross-chain token pools in mind, so you can easily create an auction or pool for your tokens without worrying about whether other wallets accept them. 

Being a top-tier IDO platform, Polkastarter has enabled many projects to raise funds more accessible and faster than IEO platforms. As a result, projects that use Polkastarter are known to have access early to tokens at relatively low costs with potentially high ROI afterward. 

How does Polkastarter work?

The idea behind the Polkastarter is simple and intriguing. Users are able to increase their chances of winning an IDO by using POLS power. POLS power represents how many lotto tickets you buy with your LP tokens. The more that people invest in this system, the higher their chances of winning the IDO.

Buyers can increase their chances of winning an IDO on Polkastarters in three ways:

  1. Providing liquidity: With 2.5 ETH or 12.5 BNB, you'll get one ticket for every 100 POLS in your liquidity pool! That's why it pays to have as many tokens on hand--the higher chance of being picked makes them worth holding even if they aren't needed right away since there will always come a time when these coins are appreciated more than ever before. Also, keep at the back of your mind that each LP token of the liquidity pool ETH - POLS on Uniswap equals 100 POLS while BNB - POLS on PancakeSwap equals 20 POLS.

  2. Holding POLS: The more POLS you have, the better your chances of winning an IDO. For every 250 pols held in your wallet (which can be exchanged for 1 ticket), it will count as one chance towards entering via the whitelist process.

  3. Staking POLS: Staking POLs works just like holding POLs. 

Aside from this, Polkastarter ranks your POLS into 5 categories based on your POLS holding power. The key to understanding this system is that the more ticket you have the more they are worth. Take a look at the chart below to understand the ranking

  • 250+ POLS Power = 1.0x - Every ticket is worth 1 ticket.

  • 1,000+ POLS Power = 1.1x - Every ticket is worth 1.1 tickets.

  • 3,000+ POLS Power = 1.15x - Every ticket is worth 1.15 tickets.

  • 10,000+ POLS Power = 1.20x - Every ticket is worth 1.20 tickets.

  • 30,000+ POLS Power = 1.25x -Every ticket is worth 1.25 tickets & No Cooldown 

To ensure you have a powerful POLS, it is wise to keep them in one wallet rather than split across different wallets.

Like many other IDOs, Polkastarter includes a cooldown period for their platform. This means that after successfully joining an IDO and taking part in some of the available contests within 7 days, you are not allowed to join any others until then!

With Polkastarter, decentralized projects will be able to raise and exchange capital cheap and fast. Users are participants in a secure environment that uses assets beyond the current ERC20 standard--this is an exciting prospect for those looking forward!

What is a POLS token?

POLS is a utility token that allows people to participate in IDO on this platform. More use cases for POLS will be announced soon, so stay tuned. 

How can projects use Polkastarter?

The Fixed Swap Pool is a revolutionary new way for cryptocurrency investors to purchase tokens. The project will set up an exchange where latecomers buy bitcoin or Ether at one price and then sell it back into another with varying rates based on what they want in return- this means you can trade decentralized currency without having any volatility worries!

What problem is Polkastarter trying to solve?

IDOs became an inexpensive way to get around the centralized initial exchange offering model when decentralized exchanges were still in their infant stages. As DeFi exploded throughout 2020 and into 2021, many people began using this new technology which gave birth/grew exponentially more than it had before then - all thanks again to low cost.

When the first IDO on Uniswap reduced expenditure for token listing, it became a popular mechanism. Investors quickly adjusted and began front-running these new projects as they had access to more capital with less work - some even purchased all available tokens from one swoop, causing the crypto asset to soar in price as others attempted to do the same. This event popularised the term “ape in”.

The ripple effect of this “ape in” revolution meant that many investors had less time to react, leading to wild volatility, leading to the following downsides. 

  1. To start trading, a project needs to offer both the base currency and an alternative blockchain such as Ethereum.

For example, if there's an auction of ETH then people will want to buy the cheapest possible way into that auction with their own funds by loading up on some BaseETH (the native token). They can also sell back out through traders who might be looking at other auctions or just waiting for someone else’s price so they don't have too much risk themselves when buying these assets - think about it like 2-3 days before any major event happens where prices could skyrocket. 

  1. Automated market makers, had the opportunity to adjust the asset's price based on supply and demand.

  2. The scalability issues that have plagued Ethereum for some time now were clearly seen as an increasing number of users gravitated towards Uniswap. That, coupled with slow performance and cut-throat network fees, left many users unsatisfied. 

As a result, users began to demand platforms that offer cheap transactions, easy-to-use and user-oriented interface, secure transactions and fast swaps, and the ability to transfer assets across blockchains. That was where Polkastarter came in. 

With Polkastarter you can create fixed swap pools and cross-chain swaps powered by the Polka Dot ecosystem, which provides higher throughput for faster transactions while staying connected to Ethereum Network or other blockchains of liquidity.

How does Polkastarter differ from other DEXs & swap platforms?

What's the difference between Uniswap and Polkastarter? Well, for starters - Polkastarter's MVP relies heavily on FixedSwap smart contract. The platform also has a governance model that is unique to its users. 

They are also releasing $POLS staking features coming soon after launch with an eventual migration onto the blockchain via their very own decentralized system called "Polkadot". It seems like what they're doing might just work better than any other option available right now!

Pros and Cons of Polkastarter

The DeFi project has advantages and risks in accessing its ecosystem.


  • Interoperability with different blockchain protocols.

  • Permissionless listing of tokens.

  • Cross-chain swaps between tokens.


  • Limited data on its team members. 

  • Price volatility is high in its native token.

What Features and benefits does Polkastarter Offer?

The unique features offered by the Polkastarter DEX ecosystem include

  • Governance- The Polkastarter ecosystem is powered by its native token, enabling users to vote on product features and auction types. Users can also decide how much utility they would like this new type of currency to provide in order for them!

  • Multi-functionality- Polkastarter is a service that facilitates interoperability across different blockchains. It does this by using sharding technology to switch between networks and access tokens from any one of them without having an account on every single version of their respective platforms, all while keeping things secure for you!

  • Data sharing- With Polkastarter, you can share data across networks, and cross-chain transactions are just one of many options.

  • Transaction speed- With a high capacity to process transactions, the Polkastarter network can have an incredible number of users and still manage 160k TPS with ease.

How to buy Polkastarter Token ($POLS)

To buy a Polkastarter token, you must first own a cryptocurrency such as Ethereum or USDT. You can do this through reliable platforms like Coinbase and Metamask. 

After that, you will trade your Ethereum, Bitcoin, and USDT for POLS. You can do this on the centralized exchange platforms. Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are the most popular and easiest way for investors to transact. They offer more complete features, including continuous user support and secure transactions. 

You can also trade your Ethereum, Bitcoin, and USDT for POLS on decentralized exchanges Using Uniswap and Metamask. Read the official guide to learn more. 

Frequently asked questions about Polkastarter

  • What is Polkastarter crypto?

Polkastarter is an innovative blockchain platform that allows project founders to raise capital and easily distribute their tokens at the same time. The most common use for this service is the launchpad creation in early-stage ecosystems looking to expand beyond just themselves. 

  • Is Polkastarter a good project?

Polkastarter is among the top-tier IDO platforms in the crypto world. It's not just about raising funds for your project; it is also important to be in front of potential investors at an earlier stage than ever before. 

With the help of Polkastarter, you can do both! You will have access to high-quality buyers looking both now and downstream, which means that there is no limit when waiting until later stages where they may get filled up first or never receive any offers because everyone wants their tokens ASAP these days. 

The top IEO platforms allow projects with exciting ideas but lack resources - often due simply too much demand

  • Is Polkastarter related to Polkadot?

Polkastarter is a new permissionless DEX built on top of Polkadot that enables cross-chain token pools and auctions, providing projects with an easy way to raise capital.

  • What is Polkastarter used for?

The Polkastarter platform connects projects with early adopters and community members through initial decentralized offerings or IDOs. During an IDO, a project distributes tokens to those who fund it in exchange for funding resources like money and time & effort, which they can later convert into coins at any given moment before the end of this particular offering period.

  • What type of fundraising occurs on Polkastarter?

With Polkastarter, it is possible to create a protocol that enables projects of all sizes and shapes (from startups in need of seed funding up through large corporations) alike - whether they be seeking out new investors or looking for ways other than fundraising methods.

Is Polkastarter a scam?

The answer to this question is NO. For starters, the project has an extensive plan, and careful research behind its roadmap, which can be seen from detailed updates on their released products as well as unique features within the DEX ecosystem, making sure people's needs will still matter even in the near future

While Polkastarter is not a scam, the lack of experience among its founders does cause some concern. The project is still in its early stages, and there's not enough information available about it yet. We'll have a better idea of how well it works once the development phase ends, but for now, all we can do is analyze what they've said themselves - which doesn't mention any smart contract audits at all!

Pros & Cons
  • Interoperability with different blockchain protocols.
  • Permissionless listing of tokens.
  • Cross-chain swaps between tokens.
  • Limited data on its team members.
  • Price volatility is high in its native token.