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Poof Of Toss Review

Poof Of Toss


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Proof of toss is an which will be ongoing for four months from 11th of January 2019 to the 11th of April. The project has already been conducting an airdrop to adopt users to their project. The project is a decentralized betting ecosystem that aims to provide benefits to the betting ecosystem such as improved levels of trust, less fraudulent activities, and no chargebacks to businesses. The project seeks to adopt bookmakers as well as bettors. All wagers completed on the platform will be governed via smart contracts. The project is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and plans to work initially with MetaMask for the first prototype.

Tokens have been issued from the airdrop to get users to register wallets on the protocol. The project aims to raise $9.5 million and plans that its benefits can gain market share in the $60 billion betting industry. The project is extremely active in marketing and operates numerous social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram.

Pros & Cons
  • Targeting a huge $6 billion industry
  • Extremely active in marketing
  • A number of benefits proposed for both bettors and bookmakers
  • May have diluted the value of tokens by conducting an airdrop
  • Targeting an industry which will be extremely difficult to disrupt