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BTC-Echo Review
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BTC-ECHO is a German-based news platform that gives recent updates on cryptocurrencies or digital assets like Bitcoin and Blockchain News. No one needs to tell anybody that they have the most amazing designs and pictures published with their news. All designs are in high-display which makes them reading easy and interesting.

There are three options on the front page of the site; Events, Job Market and Shop. Each of them have what they contribute to BTC-Echo. There is also a search option which makes navigation and search for old posts easy.

In case a reader has issues or complaints, there is a question icon displayed on the site. Once, you click on the icon, a page appears for you to drop your name, email address and add a complain or attach a file.

BTC-Echo partners with social media accounts to gain wide coverage. You can easily share the site’s link on various social platforms with just few clicks and invite other readers.

Features of BTC-Echo

1. News: The section has a lot to do with how news are categorized on the site. Some of the categories under this section are; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain, Investment, Regulation, etc.

2. Beginner Classes: Here, beginners are being educated on how Bitcoin and Blockchain technology works and how you can make profits from them.

3. Price Index: Different prices of cryptocurrencies are listed so you would know the current market value.

4. Cryptocompass: This is a newsletter on all cryptocurrencies which will be published at different times of the year.

Pros & Cons
  • Site has amazing designs
  • Posts are easy to read based on categories.
  • German first before being translated to English.