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Pineapple Fund Review

Pineapple Fund


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Pineapple Fund is a platform borne out of an experiment. It was designed in such a way to study the act of philanthropy and how well people own Bitcoin. In this crypto charity platform, you can make donations in cryptocurrency to several charity organizations. This platform was first handled by one man who believed he had too many cryptocurrencies and felt the best thing to do with them is to share it with charity organizations.

Although, still remaining anonymous and not revealing his identity yet, he believed helping people through cryptocurrency is one of the best ways to save our world. He had this dream right from the onset of Bitcoin and the promising future it had. As far as he is concerned, there is a particular amount of Bitcoin he could own, anything more than that is only excess and feels it should go into charity organizations.

However, even though Pineapple Fund believes in giving to people as a charity organization, it will never give to an individual. The aim is to give as charity to organizations that will make good use of the donations in solving world problems. The number of Bitcoins on the platform represents majority of the owner’s crypto holdings. So far, so good, Pineapple Fund has donated over $55 Million BTC to organizations

Feature of Pineapple Fund

1. Charities: There are several organizations on the platform that have been a beneficiary of the donations.

Pros & Cons
  • Sole purpose is to help organizations.
  • Site is simple and navigable.
  • Only available to organizations not individuals.
  • Limited slots for applicants.