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Blockchain at Berkeley Review

Blockchain at Berkeley


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Blockchain at Berkeley is a student run organization that is dedicated to empowering the Berkeley and greater East Bay area by educating and spreading adoption of crypto and blockchain technology. They host various events and programs to promote blockchain technology in the area and beyond focusing education, consulting, and innovation.

On this website you will find their team information, R&D, and even an events calendar.

The events calendar is jam packed with events nearly every single day.

The website contains a well curated list of education resources, webcasts, readings, homework, videos, slides, livestreams, student analyses, white paper analysis, etc.

The team at Berkeley contribute to the cryptocurrency community by developing open-source projects which you can obtain access to directly on the website.

You can even fill out a member request form to access more information and join the team!

Other than that, there is a nice well-maintained blog where users of all experience levels can find things that interest them.

Pros & Cons
  • It’s incredible to see major Universities taking blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies seriously and implementing education on blockchain related topics.
  • The site has open sourced project that you can gain access to.
  • The site overall is very well designed and easy to use.
  • Berkeley is partnering up with high end developers and projects to help promote, research, and develop new blockchain technologies.
  • If you aren’t in their respective area this doesn’t really concern you or have anything to do with you.